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Hello Haveners!

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe as the new COVID variant makes its rounds. 

Unfortunately, I come bearing some bad news. Recently we made an announcement regarding our issues with Art Haven store purchases and PayPal. While we did find a temporary fix, it seems that these issues have persisted, and we are currently working with PayPal to investigate why this has been occurring. In addition to purchases, we have also discovered an issue with withdrawals. We apologize for this inconvenience and wish to reassure you that we are doing all that we can to solve these issues as quickly as we possibly can

As we work with PayPal to resolve our issues, we kindly ask that all members refrain from making purchases in the Art Haven store and withdrawals from your Art Haven wallets. This temporary freeze should last about a day or so (please wait for our announcement) and we’ll make an additional announcement once all issues are resolved. 

We thank you all for your patience and understanding! :byaslove:

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  • 3 months later...

Hello Haveners! 


We greatly appreciate your patience with us as we worked to solve the issues with PayPal for the past couple of months. We're aware of the HUGE inconvenience this has caused and cannot apologize enough. As always, we wish to be as transparent as we possibly can, and this second update will serve as an explanation as to what exactly went wrong.


Art Haven has recently undergone some major changes over the last 6 months in terms of its leadership and ownership. Most of you are aware of this change, but some of you may not be, which is okay! We had opted to keep this change somewhat quiet up until now as it was necessary for the transition of power to happen gradually rather than all at once. Part of the transitional process included filing new documents that established the business under its new ownership and opening accounts with the new ownership information attached. While this is the normal process for ownership changes, it was also the source of our issues. When creating a PayPal business account, you are required to submit official documentation that identifies the business and business owner(s) for verification. These requirements are put in place by PayPal in order to discourage scammers and ensure the safety of its users. While this makes perfect sense, it has also made PayPal a bit picky and verifying an account can take some time, which is what happened to us. As a result, our account did not process payments and withdrawals like normal. Please keep in mind that this had nothing to do with us specifically as it was completely out of our control and PayPal was only ensuring that the account was not being used for dishonest purposes.


With that said, I am happy to announce that these issues are now resolved! You should now be able to resume making purchases in the Art Haven store and requesting withdrawals from your Art Haven wallets. As always, if you do happen to run into issues, please submit a support ticket! I can’t guarantee that I won’t cry though :waaaaah:…  JUST KIDDING, but I will march my butt over to PayPal and try to resolve the issue as quickly as humanly possible :ohmph:.

Additionally, please keep your eye out for our BOGO sale! During our BOGO sale, you can either gift a friend an elite subscription or gift yourself an additional month(s), I ain't judgin' :fingerguns:. Ya gotta treat yoself, ya know. IT’S HOLIDAY SEASON LET’S GOOOO!!!!! :erlmo:

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