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Aqcage | Compendium

[SHOP] Aqcage | AH Shop Layouts (OPEN)

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Art Haven Shop Layouts by Aqcage | Delivery Times Vary Per Order





The Basic | 20,000 IMVU Credits or $8.00 USD
Basic Set-Up, Client Provides all Graphics/Colors / Doing Framework Only
Full Service | 35,000 IMVU Credits or $14.00 USD

Basic Set-Up, I Create Colors/Graphics and Any Accompanying Elements / Doing It All

+ All shop layouts for the Art Haven forum are made via Google Word document and the link will be sent to you via Art Haven PM.
+ All layout Google Docs will have instructions to help set up the table on Art Haven. See the AH wiki for basics on how to install/create.

+ Note: The transfer of the table from Google Doc to Art Haven forum takes adjustment each time. I will not access your account to set up the tables in your forum shop or group. 

+ If you provide a Pinterest link with references and layout samples, you will get 5,000 Credits or $2.00 USD discount. 



This is something new that I am offering. Please be patient and fill out the order form completely.



By being here, even browsing, you agree to these terms.


+ Any content viewed by you is not up for manipulation or resale in any capacity. Use the finished product as-is / as it was designed.

+ Refunds are unavailable, unless offered by Pantone (me).

+ I (Pantone) reserve the right to re-sell any unclaimed/unpaid artwork.

+ I (Pantone) reserve the right to deny any order at any time.

+ Buyers may only have ONE order at a time. Multiple items in one order will be denied. No back-to-back ordering.

+ All files will be sent via Art Haven private message, I will not email files.

+ Orders are completed in order placed, no bribe/fast pass is available for AH shop layouts.




[IMVU Credits, send to “Pantone”]



[ I will send you an invoice. PM GothickRocker your email.]



Which product are you ordering?


Describe your layout order:



Link MINIMUM 3 references for the aesthetic
or vibe of your shop layout:


Do you have any specific requests for this styling?



Total Due:


AQCAGE / Art Haven | Fall 2021

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