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✦ Welcome! ✦


To order please choose a type and reply to this thread with the filled up form found at the end of the post.


  • Paypal payment only. All prices are in USD.

  • Base prices includes (1) revision per WIP stage; any further batch of revisions shall be charged with additional fee(s).

  • All additional fees are to be discussed upon ordering and/or when extra revisions occur.

  • Upon availing of Atelier Blanc commissions you agree to the terms and services of the shop.

Terms of Service

        Upon requesting my service for commissions, you agree to the following:


  • All Art Haven and Custom Shop rules apply.
  • All commissions are strictly for personal use only. Commercial use for them are not allowed.
  • By ordering, you agree that I will be drawing in my style, and I will not comply to a style request of a different artist.
  • Once the order has been started, only half-price refund will be given for cancellations.
  • Reselling of the commissioned work more than its actual value is not allowed.
  • All rights to the artwork and design of the commissioned work remain to me. This includes my usage of them in my portfolio and art samples.
  • None of my artworks and designs is allowed to be copied, traced, used as base or edited in any way.
  • Characters and designs belong to their owners; unless I was commissioned to do the design itself, then please credit the design to me @Tabris | @ TabrisDuCiel 
  • All Artwork Rights shall belong to me, you are not allowed to edit the piece in any way (except for cropping or perhaps, bg colour change) but free to use it as you please with the exception of commercial purposes.
  • I reserve the right to decline my services to anyone for whatever reason.


(Last updated: 13 September 2021)





$150 Base Price
chest/waist up; 2 decorative elements of choice
+$5-$30 for character details/design complexity
+$15-$60 for more complex decoration and/or background



$65 Base Price
one (1) character only

chest up; plain or no background
+$5-$20 for character details/design complexity
+$5-$30 for background


Half body

$75 Base Price
one (1) character only

waist up; plain or no background
+$5-$20 for character details/design complexity
+$5-$35 for background


Full body

$100 Base Price
+$100 for extra character

plain or no background
+$20-$50 for character details/design complexity
+$35 and up for background depending on complexity






Order Form

  • Name/Username: (ex. Tabris)

  • Commission Type: (ex. bust)

  • Link to character references:

  • Detailed character info: (background, personality, extra details.)

  • Choice of decorative elements and/or background:

  • Extra notes:




  • First come, first serve.

  • Please wait for the DM confirmation of your order(s) , once agreed with the details and pricing I shall send an invoice via paypal.

  • Full payment must be completed first before I start the commission. I only accept Paypal. You will be given 3 days max to do so.

  • I will be providing you two WIP stages for feedback: lineart and coloring before proceeding to finalize. Only one (1) batch of revision/correction is allowed per WIP stage.

  • Upon completion: You shall receive the full resolution of the artwork without watermark.



Commissions queue can be check on my Trello :cutefingergun:







Edited by Tabris

info update
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  • Tabris changed the title to Atelier Blanc [CLOSED to be updated]

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