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[2021] Beware the Blobs

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Hello Haveners! We welcome you all to an event full of tricks and treats. A one of a kind event created by the oh so spooky Event Team. We bring you the opening of a new spine-tingling, bone-chilling, horror film: Beware the Blobs. Starring..your creative minds.


As most of you know Pablob is our mascot for ArtHaven. Our blue blob friend with a tablet pen. However, this time around we want you all to create your own. With a total of ten fangtastic bases provided by our talented event team ( @Atlas@Solaire and @Fervent).  Five of those bases are known as "hollow blobs." Pablobs that you are allowed to draw over and design your very own custom design. With hollow blobs you will be given free range on what exactly this Pablob would look like.  On the other hand, the other five bases are known as "enchanted blobs." Which are already completed designs of  Pablobs. All you have to do is add color, any color.


From color schemes to costumes, the pumpkin patch is your playing field. Keep in mind that that is has to be Halloween themed and the tablet pen must be included. The choice is yours fellow participants, whatever you choose, don't creep us in suspense. 


header-rules.png header-dates.png

 Anyone can participate!

 Make sure all your entries are Halloween related!
 Make sure you put effort and care into the submission.
 No tracing or art theft of any kind will be tolerated. 
 Submissions are unlimited per person. However, to give every participant a fair chance, you will only be listed once for the prize rolling.
 Late submissions won't fit to receive rewards, make sure to note the final date down.

 Post your submissions here in the topic when they're finished.

 Social Media: If you want to share your submission(s) on social media platforms, please be sure to properly credit it to ArtHaven.

 You may not sell or claim ownership of any submission from this event.

 Lastly, please put effort into the submissions and have fun!


October 8th to

October 22nd



All qualifying participants will receive this badge:




All qualifying participants will be place in a random prize drawing to win the following:


 $25 Account Credit
 3 month free elite
 2 week advertisement


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coloring-base-pumpkin-whitebg.png coloring-base-candyapple-whitebg.png coloring-base-werewolf-whitebg.png
Jack - o - Blob Candy Applob WereBlob
coloring-base-zombie-whitebg.png coloring-base-franken-whitebg.png

Transparent pngs:



Candy Applob




Zomblob FrankenBlob




shape-base-2-white.png shape-base-1-white.png shape-base-3-white.png
Hollow Blob 1 Hollow Blob 2 Hollow Blob 3
shape-base-4-white.png shape-base-5-white.png

Transparent pngs:


Hollow Blob 1

Hollow Blob 2

Hollow Blob 3

Hollow Blob 4

Hollow Blob 5

Hollow Blob 4 Hollow Blob 5



header-base rules.png

 The bases provided are to be used for/in this event only. Please do not use them for non-authorized purposes. 
 Pablob is a mascot that is copyrighted to ArtHaven, therefore any submissions from this event are not to be sold elsewhere.
 As stated in the information bases are provided above, the bases are divided into two categories: Hollow blobs and Enchanted blobs. They are defined as follows:
       Hollow Blobs: Fully customizable Pablobs.
Everything from the expression to the costume is completely up to you.

       Enchanted Blobs: Completed Pablob designs, that just need a splash of color(s).
 These base designs are not locked into any specific color (i.e. blue being the color of Pablob). No matter which base you choose the color palette is completely up to you. 

Understand that if any rules are broken in regards to this event you will be disqualified.































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1 hour ago, LittuBinku said:

Ouu, this looks so cute!!
To make sure I understand, we either choose or get randomly selected bloby to color in!? :phearteyes:

It's completely up to you which enchanted or hollow Pablob you'd like to use :lazeshydance:

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