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[2021] Halloween Scavenger Hunt


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Put on your masks, makeup, and your witches’ hats;
Because everyone can join!
Young, old, artist, non-artist, passer-by, moose's, 
potato's, any living or my favorite… non-living may join.
Everyone is welcome to our tricky treat event!

The objective here is to find the H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N letters. 
There will be clues for each letter located below, 
so, once you find a user's house send a PM to the Havener with "Trick or Treat!"
You may either get a treat or be tricked so cross those ghoulish fingers and toes!




Now let's go over some rules, shall we?

This event is pretty much the same concept as 
"trick or treating" in real life as you'll be passing by houses for candy. Except in this scenario you're passing by user’s houses.
The rules are very simple so pay attention or you’ll get quite the trick!


🎃 ABSOLUTELY NO CHEATING. That takes away the fun (this includes telling others where the letters are!)
🎃 You may ask your riddle giver for a hint, but do not tell others who you asked help from. You can ask for a max of 3 hints.
🎃 Do not post your results/findings here!
🎃 PM all letters and screenshots in one message to @Ferici
🎃 Please don't harass the person you PM if you're unable to solve the riddle[s].
🎃 Don't be mad if they appear to be a trickster, just move on. 
🎃 Only PM users that have a house on their profile.






🎃The scavenger hunt lasts Oct. 24st - Oct. 31st
🎃Word: H - A - L - L - O - W - E - E - N
🎃Houses will be spread across their profiles in their "About me".
🎃Their houses will look like one of these:

updated-houses image.png

🎃The letters you will receive looks like this:








ac9HoWL.png 25b2Jgh.png

1st Place

$25 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place

3 Months Elite

3rd Place

1 week Ad Space


Everyone that participated and finished this event will get a badge for participating!


For the Treaters & Tricksters


badge-pending.png.e62ade810f37568444e5a1 badge-pending.png.e62ade810f37568444e5a1



text-3.png mv54165.png

Ferici, Jelly Letters, & Houses by Mattie. | Table put together by Fervent with a few vectors  from .


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They are volunteers that wanted to help to make this event possible.
Anyone can volunteer as a Trickster/Treater.
Trickster and Treaters will receive a badge after the event.

Trickster and Treaters may participate and search for the letters too.
Trickster and Treater positions will be randomized.

There will be only 35 spots for Tricksters/Treaters.
You MUST be active during the event.

Deadline accepting volunteers for Tricksters/Treaters:
Opens on October 16th 
🎃 Closes on October 23rd

Accepting volunteers is CLOSED
(PM Ferici with "I want to volunteer as Trickster/Treater")



  1.  A little cow speaks twice.
  2. A part of the world is in this season + opposite to "off."
  3. Relating to the stars and galaxies.
  4. Miniature pacifier
  5. A name of Japanese origins, meaning "wide trees."
  6. The nickname of the mythological creature "The Loch Ness Monster." The first letter of that nickname is the fourth letter of the alphabet.
  7. The act of removing a person's limbs in a surgical manner.
  8. "True" or "real" in Italian + a popular female Chinese name, meaning "glow of sunrise" or "summer."
  9. Shortened word for an espresso based coffee drink. Combined with a word meaning "to move or cause to move slightly." However, it is spelled with the second vowel not the first.
  10. A name of Irish origin that means "from the island to the west." And an abbreviation that can be used to mean "currently" or "presently."
  11. "Red fox" in the Finnish language.
  12. She fell down a rabbit hole, and while it sounds the same it's not spelled the same. Combined with a word in Latin that means "to delay."
  13. To remove the armor and/or weapons from.
  14. It is within the title of a popular Netflix horror miniseries. It is also a book.
  15. The current countess of Cambridge
  16. Another name for the word "doggo."
  17. The name of an early 2000s cartoon show with the main character having paranormal powers, but shortened. Plus the nickname for a well-known Disney princess.
  18. First part can be pronounced as "on" but spelled out in three letters (one of them being a vowel). Second part can be pronounced as "she" but a vowel in that word is replaced by another one.
  19. A tool often used by a surgeon.
  20. A synonym for the word "intense."
  21. A titan condemed to holding up the heavens/sky.
  22.  French for "something related to the sun, its orbit or movement in the sky."
  23. A shortened word that means "a persons essential being that distinguishes them from others." Another word for "you."


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List of participants and their letters so far

1. Fallon

2. Scalpel

3. Samy

4. Bellosom

5. Kate

6. ThroughtheLightx

7. Haleyy

8. Remba

9.  Hiroki

10. Amputate

11. Lizz

12. KiariDreamDeMor

13. LittuBinku

14. Astro









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Q: Will you be placing houses on Trickster/Treaters information on October 17th or now?

A: I will be putting them on your/their profiles on the events starting date, October 16th. You can make it pretty by adding it in a table and such.


Q: Do I need to PM you the screenshot of the people that guessed the riddles?

A: It's not needed as I am trusting you to be a fair Trickster/Treater.


Q: Do I give the users 1 hint at a time so that it allows them to attempt answering the riddle correctly with a max of 3 hints?

A: Yes, give them 1 hint at a time to allow them to try and figure it out. If they get it wrong give them another until you hit 3, max.


Q: If after answering wrong after being given the three hints, do I still reveal myself as a Trickster/Treater? Or do I need to wait till they answer correctly?

A: Unfortunately, no you don't reveal yourself or the answer, but you DO direct them to other houses for more luck.


Q: Do I need to give the riddle to one person or to everyone?

A: Only to the people that PM you with "Trick or Treat".


Q: When giving the letter out do I put the subject as just "the letter", and in the message the image of the pumpkin + letter?

A: You don't have to change the subject of the message, just give them the letter as reply (pumpkin with letter). Here's an example.


Q: So I know that after the 3 hints, I don't reveal myself, but do I answer the riddle or no?
Do they get unlimited attempts at guessing the riddle right after the 3 hints?

A: No, you don't allow them to keep answering or trying. You direct them to another house for more luck. If they continue to try and answer, just leave it be.


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Hello fellow Haveners! As of this moment we are no longer accepting volunteers.

The scavenger hunt will begin later today! So get those detective skills prepared.


Thank you everyone who has signed up to be a volunteer. You will be contacted soon with more information about your position. 


If you no longer want to be a volunteer please feel free to contact any Event Coordinator.


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Hello Haveners! We have a bit of a late start but fear not, the spookiest time of the year has officially begun.  The Halloween Scavenger Hunt! 


Put those sleuthing skills to the test and get to solving. However be warned, you may be rewarded or fooled.  Also, we have new spooktacular houses, made by the talented @Solaire so be on the lookout for those!




Additionally, there are two things that you must remember: You have until Halloween [October 31st].  And if you're stuck and/or unsure about something please don't forget to check the F.A.Q and Rules as well. But, also please don't hesitate to contact any Event Coordinator if you have any other questions or concerns.


🎃 Stay spooky + good luck 🎃

Happy searching!


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