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♡.* Reikyuun's freebies *・♡ (CLOSED!)


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i'm gonna be reworking my custom shop soon and i want to try 2 new styles.

please note i am working on my comms / preclaims first,

but i'm posting right now to give everyone a chance to post a form!



1) painterly, sort of like the first example

2)same as my usual style but with minimal shading

might be sketchier than usual? idk

examples can change a lot since its still experimental !!


I'm looking for ocs to draw!

if you already posted a form feel free to post again with new characters but i will also be drawing some of the babies that have already been posted in this thread, so please make sure u still own them.



Please note this is not first come first serve, I will be choosing the ocs that inspire me the most. I prefer females or feminine characters

You are allowed to post multiple ocs, however please make a separate form for each of them.

➨This will likely be bust up-half body max.

➨I will not be replying to comments, i would like to keep whoever i choose as a surprise and will only comment once i have completed the sketch.

➨I will visit this thread every time i am bored and have free time

➨i will only work on this when i feel like it, but note commissions will always take priority.

➨You may post someone else's oc, in which case please put their username instead.

If uploading to toyhouse please credit me on the site, username is also @Reikyuun

This is not a must, but i'd really appreciate if you'd check my custom shop if you'd like to secure a slot for this style or other style arts! also check my premade shop if you're interested in that!

Premade Shop II Custom Shop







➨Personality: (keep it short)

➨Animations: (optional, might not do them but feel free to comment as many as you'd like. i will be doing 0-4 per dp tho)

➨Expression: (optional)

➨Pose: (optional)


Edited by ReiKyuun
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➨Username: StarLites

➨Character:  November

➨Personality: (keep it short) cute but happy 

➨Expression: (optional) happy or smiling

➨Pose: (optional) artistic freedom



➨Character: Aureila

➨Personality: (keep it short)

➨Expression: (optional)

➨Pose: (optional) artistic freedom



➨Username: starLites

➨Character: Vanessa

➨Personality: (keep it short)  cute but happy 

➨Expression: (optional) happy or smiling

➨Pose: (optional) artistic freedom




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➨Username: mya

➨Character: aly

➨Personality: cheerful and bright

➨Expression: happy/big smile

➨Pose: like this but eating cake instead if possible


➨Username: mya

➨Character: leslie

➨Personality: sassy and always has an attitude

➨Expression: in pose refs v

➨Pose: this or this


thank you for considering :D <3

i'll have to order from you soon!

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➨Username: Knocks

➨Character: x (minus crystal ball) x x 

➨Personality: (keep it short) Mysterious

➨Expression: (optional) longing / wondering

➨Pose: (optional) up to you


if you pick me, thank you. if not, still thank you. your artwork is beautiful <3 thanks for letting us see your talent!

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