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Staff Applications Are Open!

Message added by Caedis,

A new FAQ post has been added! If you have any other questions about the staff team or its positions, please contact @ Caedis by commenting on this topic or by sending a private message!


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Hello Haveners! :byaslove:


I hope you are all doing well and had a spooktastic October! I can't believe how fast this year went and I can't wait for all of you to see what we have in store next! 


That being said, it is that time again! Staff applications are now OPEN! As some of you are already aware, we occasionally open applications whenever the need arises, especially as our site and community continues to expand and grow. Currently we have a few positions open in our Forum Staff, Social Media Specialist, and Event Coordinator positions. As always, we will review each application as they come in and will respond to each after we've reviewed a few. We tend to go over applications in batches as to not overwhelm ourselves and give everyone who wants to apply a chance to submit one


For those of you who have applied before or were previously asked to undergo training with us but were unable to commit or had to leave for any other reason, you are 100% free to apply again! We would like to encourage all of you to do this, so long as you still want to. Again, positions open up every so often and we, unfortunately, cannot hire every candidate at once. However, we sometimes need to increase the number of hands we have due to our growth and sometimes staff members have other opportunities come their way and need to adjust their needs accordingly. This means that even if you have not received the golden ticket, that does not mean you won't ever receive one or that we didn't want to have you on board


As I mentioned other opportunities that may come up and lead to a staff member stepping down, I also want to state that all staff members are guaranteed a professional reference or letter of recommendation for any job they may be applying to! This is credible work experience and another reference for you to use and take advantage of. Please consider this as you decide whether you'd like to apply!

If you are interested in applying or would like to know more about our open positions please visit our opportunities page! You will also be able to view all benefits and requirements that we have for staff members. Additionally, I know that some of you may have questions about the staff and their responsibilities, so please read this page first :noooo: Opportunities :noooo:


Please note: You can apply for more than one position!


Any unanswered questions that you may still have, can be asked in this topic. We hope to hear from you soon! :blove:

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2 hours ago, Vee said:

Where da green babies at? Lee and Vee are ready for ya! :fingerguns:

We're currently only accepting users with three letter usernames ending in "ee" for Forum Staff xoxo

magnifying glass GIF by Yura Yunita

I kid, pls apply.

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2 hours ago, Unarm said:

We're currently only accepting users with three letter usernames ending in "ee" for Forum Staff xoxo

magnifying glass GIF by Yura Yunita

I kid, pls apply.

We have Jinvix now too so maybe we can hire someone with the last letters of that name. :pthinking: Or just force everyone else on the Forum Mod team to change their names..

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2 hours ago, Vee said:

We have Jinvix now too so maybe we can hire someone with the last letters of that name. :pthinking: Or just force everyone else on the Forum Mod team to change their names..


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  • 2 weeks later...

Update: Thank you to all of those who have applied so far! I've gotten a few private messages with questions about the staff and our open positions. I've compiled a FAQ for y'all so everyone can see the answers to the most common questions I've received. If you have any additional, please let me know! ♥



Forum Moderator Related Questions:

  • I've heard a lot of rumors regarding the team and Forum Moderators. Are any of them actually true?

Depending on what rumor you have heard, 99.9999% of them are completely untrue (that 0.0001% was likely a story about a silly thing we did. For example, the team loves to call me by some VARIATION OF TARRA, LOOKING AT ALL OF THOSE TATER TOTS AND TAREAS :angri:). Of the ones I've personally heard, I can assure you that we do not play favorites, we do read every single report, we take all reports seriously, and we do investigate each and every report that comes in. There have been times where people have said they brought something to our attention, but the reality of it is that they haven't. Art Haven is a large website, there are thousands of posts a day and hundreds of new topics added a day. There are also thousands and thousands of edits that are made to both topics and posts. As a staff team, we are not large enough to spot every little thing even though we sweep each section daily. We're all human and have our own work, school, and personal schedules to attend to. That is why it's so important for our members to report anything they've come across that may be a violation. It's important to note that even if you report something, you will not hear back from us unless we need more information. We state in our privacy policy that we will not disclose any report discussions, potential penalties, or warnings with other members. If you have received a warning or have been contacted by us and disagree, you may contact us via support ticket.

  • I've heard rumors about art theft, does the team actually do anything about it?

Yes, we do. Art theft is not just an Art Haven policy, it is also a set of laws that all of us must follow. When we receive art theft reports, we follow a very specific procedure that can take time as we have to compile enough evidence that makes it extremely hard to argue against. The most time consuming part of our procedure is finding the true source of the copyrighted material. Images are often posted cropped or slightly altered to image hosting sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, and even Twitter. A single reverse image search can have over 100 results, so it's quite literally like finding a needle in a hay stack. We appreciate any and all information you provide to us in your reports, it really cuts down time when you guys are able to find the original sources and add it to your reports. We also appreciate when members add overlays of both images; however, please keep in mind that we need to create our own overlays and upload them in a GIF format in order to confirm that without a doubt, the image is violating DMCA laws.

  • I don't trust the mod team because so and so was banned but now they're unbanned.

Please see below:


Bans are considered permanent, however, you may apply to come back to Art Haven one year from the date you were given a ban via our application process.

This quote can be found in our Community Guidelines:

  • Are the mods nice?

I surprisingly get this question a lot and I do understand why it's being asked, but please keep in mind that the staff team of today is not the staff team of the past (ie. we've recently rearranged our moderator roles and changed our leadership). I can assure you that every moderator currently on the team is a sweet lil bab that has a passion for helping those in need. 


Event Coordinator Related Questions:

  • Do I have to be an artist in order to apply for the Event Coordinator position?

Not at all! We do not require any previous experience in drawing or graphic design. We welcome all levels of experience and anything that you need to know will be part of your training.

  • I've never used an art program before, is that okay?

Yes! Like I mentioned earlier, anything that you need to know as an Event Coordinator will be taught to you. We also don't require everyone to use the same art program so long as the program can open various file formats and function the same. A program may be suggested to you, but this is only because we have experience with it and can easily teach you how to use the program.

  • What if I don't have any graphic design experience?

That is okay! The Event Coordinator position does not require any previous work experience in this department. When creating graphics, although you may be on your own initially, the Event team works together, giving feedback on graphics, badges, and event details.

  • How much time will I need to give to the position?

This can vary depending on how many tasks you've signed yourself up for, how much is needed for the event, and everyone's schedules. Work is split up as evenly as possible. Planning events is only time consuming if you are not working efficiently and managing your time properly. However, part of your training does include how to properly manage your time as an Event Coordinator so that your work does not pile up and overwhelm you.

  • Will I be working on my own?

Yes and no. There are individual tasks, but completed items are posted for the rest of team to see. You'll then work as a team to make any edits or improvements while also adjusting the event in general. Preparing an event is a team effort and no event is completed by one person. If you ever need help with an idea, whether it be fleshing out the details or getting rid of that mental block, the rest of the team will always be there to help you out and hype you up!

  • What type of skills will I learn as an Event Coordinator?

Time management, Art Haven specific table skills, basic graphic designing, teamwork, among so many others! With any position on our team, you will always gain work experience. It may also help spark a new passion for you and help you determine what you want to do next in your life! 


Social Media Specialist Related Questions:

  • Do I have to have experience as a Social Media Specialist for other websites or companies?

No! We don't require any work experience, just experience using social media! Most of you have probably made at least one post to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. All of that counts as social media experience!

  • Will I be working on my own?

Yes and no. Similar to the events team, there are individual tasks that you will sign up for and complete. Simple things like basic posts may be posted by you completely on your own; other items such as the Art Haven newsletter will go through draft stages where you and your teammates can make edits or improvements up until the day the newsletter has to be sent out.

  • How will I know what to post and to where? 

We have a posting schedule! If there's any sort of important official announcement that needs to be sent, the administrative team will let you know! As for what a post needs to say, that is usually determined by you and your teammates! 


IMPORTANT NOTE: All of our positions count as REAL LIFE WORK EXPERIENCE! If at any point you need a reference for an application, even if you are no longer on the team, you can always ask us! This may be volunteer work (for now at least huehue :ey:), but we still count as a professional reference. 

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In regards to an Event Coordinator position, if you're concerned/worried about certain skills you need to have, you will not be thrown into it. You will be guided and helped along the way as Caedis previously stated.  Everyone is welcoming, sweet and has a sense of humor. We all help one another out as best as we can. Whether it be something we're unsure of, confused about, need advice on, etc. We're there for each other. And I'm not just saying this to just say it but, I genuinely consider everyone on the team a good friend.  

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Hey guys! As someone who was formerly part of the leadership for many years, I can attest to everything Pterodactyl has said. 

Most rumors spread around are a combination of misplaced anger, exaggeration/half-truths, speculation, or a combination of all three. The few times people have had the courage to ask us directly about some of these rumors, we have shed further light on the situation to the best of our abilities. (We still had to maintain member privacy to an extent depending on the situation.) It’s commonplace for anyone who is in a position of authority to experience this type of behavior against them. A lot of it is for the birds and not worth the effort. If someone has to go to great lengths to convince you that something did or didn’t happen, then I’d take it with a grain of salt. 

My unsolicited advice to you before you apply is: the amount of work, getting along with your teammates, and learning how to fit in any of these positions are the easiest part of being a staff member. The hardest part is the mental toll it can take on you if you don’t apply for the right reasons.

If you’re not mentally prepared to become “woke” on what actually goes on when people think we aren’t looking, come to terms with the fact that some people can do and say horrific things, and that some of your friends will no longer be your friends, then you’ll struggle. I think staff playing favorites is one of the most popular rumors to spread around, but in reality most of us have lost friendships(and relationships) because we didn’t. I say this not to scare you, but to make sure you fully understand that the title comes with responsibilities. 75% of the time it’s all good fun and the work is easy, it’s that 25% you have to be careful with. 

If you’re applying because you genuinely want to help your community, then go for it. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. The worst that could happen is Terracotta might ignore your DMs. 

Sad Rabbit GIF by Muffin & Nuts

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4 minutes ago, Alismora said:

Hey guys! As someone who was formerly part of the leadership for many years, I can attest to everything Pterodactyl has said. 


Excuse Me Lol GIF

Do y'all see the DISRESPECT??!


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