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[2021] Holiday with The Haveners


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P L E A S E   J O I N   U S   F O R   A   S P E C I A L



H O S T E D   B Y



D E C E M B E R  24  T H U R S D A Y

I N T O   S U N D A Y 

D E C E M B E R  26 11:59 P M  U T C


We ho-ho-hope you can join us for a special Holiday Weekend. Unlike the previous years, we will not only be hosting Christmas Movies Marathon, but we will have more festive activities for you to participate in! We will be streaming Christmas movies in our official discord server so jingle your way over to the server if you're not in there yet! Please make sure to read over the rules in this topic so you can participate in this jolly event


The Elves will be streaming throughout the day and night so listen to the server bells and check back on this topic to know when a movie is streaming. Unfortunately, we will not be able to stream several movies due to our busy Elves schedule, that is why we are providing other activities to make up for it! For those who can join in during the movie stream, you will have a chance to vote on the movie you would like to watch! 


In addition to streaming Christmas movies, we wanted to provide you all with a couple activities to take part in! These activities can be done while you sip your hot cocoa and enjoy the show or on the side when movies are not streaming. The activities are as follow: Coloring Pablob, Word Search, and a simple Scavenger Hunt! Please refer to each section for the specific rules and directions. 


You must complete 2 out of the 4 activities in order to receive a badge! Participants who completes all 4 activities will be put into a drawing to win 6 Months of Elite! 





pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 S T R E A M   R U L E S pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Please be respectful to all viewers in the stream.

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 AH Forum Etiquette Guidelines all apply.

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Keep your microphones muted so that you are not disrupting your fellow viewers.

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Follow the instruction below to get the badge.

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399  Don't be a Grinch if you're not able to get into a stream, there will be plenty of chances to join in on the fun!

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Please send the screenshots to an Event Coordinator on AH, not discord!

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Failure to abide by these will result in your removal from the stream.


pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399  I N S T R U C T I O N S  pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399

You need to take a screenshot of yourself being in the stream and send the screenshot to an Event Coordinator on AH, not Discord! Please make sure your screenshot shows your username and the movie that is playing.


Due to the Elves busy schedule this time of the year, we will not be hosting movies all day and night. You will need to check back to this topic to see when a movie will be streamed. We will give 1 hour notice before the stream starts!




Table by Fervent | Free to use vectors by | Holly Pixel by apparate on DA




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P L E A S E   J O I N  U S  I N  M O R E  H O L I D A Y







pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 C O L O R I N G   R U L E S pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Make sure you put effort and care into the submission.

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 You may post the completed coloring in this topic below!

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Social Media: If you want to share your submission(s) on social media platforms, please be sure to properly credit it to ArtHaven.

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 You may not sell or claim ownership of any submission from this event.


pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399  I N S T R U C T I O N S  pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399

Pick one of the three Christmas Themed Pablob to color. You can add more to the coloring page if you'd like, such as a background or a Holiday Greeting! You may color all three, but we are only asking for one! Please post your submission in this topic below.


blob1-tran.png.fe1a67dce3999015a9fcdf7ed    0D22D495-AA21-4B0B-B0AA-F2E7957ADB9E.png   4975DD45-5F38-4582-969C-403A5CBEE641.jpe


Dashing Deerblob | Transparent // White BG

Blobs for You | Transparent // White BG

Elfyblob | White BG





pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 W O R D  S E A R C H   R U L E S pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 You must find all the words in order for it to count as a proper submission

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Make sure you are not sharing your Word Search with other members

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Send your completed word search privately to an Event Coordinator


pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399  I N S T R U C T I O N S  pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399

You may use an art program or print the word search out to complete it. When you are done, send a copy to an Event Coordinator in a private message!






pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 H U N T   R U L E S pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Don't spoil the fun by telling others where the letters are!
pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Do not post your results/findings in public and/or private
pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Do not ask for help from anyone other than an Event Coordinator!
pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 The letter will be located within the first 5 pages of each topic. 
pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 The cookies will be spread across the place where Event Coordinators shine the most!
pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 PM your screenshots and links to the topics to an Event Coordinator


pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399  I N S T R U C T I O N S  pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399

The goal for this small scavenger hunt is for you to find all the letters that spell out

“S A N T A”


For each of the letters we will provide you clues to help you along your journey! If you have participated in Events this past year, this should be a quick, easy hunt!

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399  S C A V E N G E R   C L U E S  pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399

🎄 Hidden behind a perfume, you may find me...just make sure, not to touch the vials..they can be a bit, poisonous

🎄 Do you miss spring ? The blooming flowers..the love and friendship in the wind..what a time, that was. 

🎄 This seems like the perfect season for a warm hot chocolate, marshmallows and sprinkles ! I the café still open ?

🎄 I watched a zombie movie last week, think they are pretty cool. 

🎄 I can never think of a post-apocalypse world...Well..maybe if superpowers were included, I wouldn't mind being part of it. 




Table by Fervent | Free to use vectors by | Holly Pixel by apparate on DA




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Holiday with the Haveners has come to an end! 

Thank you so much for your participation!


Also there is a change coming to our badge system so there will be a slight delay and we ask for your patience please!


Happy Holidays!


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact an Event Coordinator.


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