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Wheezicat's Commissions - [OPEN]


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I'm Wheezicat and I'm doing commissions to earn up money! At the moment I am struggling with job hunting and decided to reopen my commissions again since I need to earn some money. I will have unlimited slots open for now and I hope to get support from you guys! Even though my commission sheet involves my currency (GBP), if you cannot pay in Pound sterling, I do not mind selling commissions in USD ! Down Below is the prices and styles I offer!



Hand Poses: +£2

Plushies/Pets: +£4

Extra Character: +£6

Any other details/add-ons, Just message me for clarification!








Style (Chibi Icon, Icon, Emotes (inc. no), Half-body) :

Watermark (Optional) :

Extras : 

Tip (Optional) :
Final Price:

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