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Art Advice/Wisdom #2

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I was looking for a thread for sharing art tips and tricks (just so I could share the following lol). Here's a new one, share whatever you feel like!


I found out that after completing a piece, sharpening does wonders. Especially when scaling them down to DP size, it makes the piece look like it was painted for 160x220 px. Idk why I haven't been doing this sooner, I always thought sharpening would fry the piece. But if you have photoshop, 'sharpen edges' is really nice because it focuses only on the most outstanding strokes (typically the eyes, lips, and line art) and leaves space for softness. 'Smart sharpen' lets you control how much is sharpened too.


Also I hate flipping the canvas to check for mistakes because I end up clearly having so many. But following through does bump up the quality of my composition. 

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