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2022 Updates and Changes Announcement


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Official Art Haven Updates and Changes Made for 2022


Hey Haveners!

As mentioned in our previous announcement, Art Haven has undergone several changes in the past year. While we have some additional announcements planned regarding some of our biggest changes, we wanted to update you all on those made to the site’s features as soon as possible! We apologize for the delay as our yearly updates announcement is normally posted in January, but the administrative team has been hard at work! 


Every year we review and evaluate the site and its features, making adjustments to areas that need it most. The following announcement consists of all the big changes we've made during the past year! Since there's a lot to go over, we'll keep this introduction short and get straight to it! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to comment below! 



Member Accounts

Recent updates and changes made to member accounts.

Name Change Requests

Occasionally, members will request usernames that already belong to an existing account. In the past, we have granted these requests based on the following criteria:

  • At least 90 days old with a last login date of "never".
  • At least 12 months/1 Year with 1 post or less and hasn't logged in 6 months/180+ days.
  • Conditions vary and will require a support ticket to request the name of a possible inactive account.

In order to essentially “free” up the name, the previous owner’s account had to be permanently deleted. Please keep in mind that the accounts that were deleted were those that were assumed abandoned and had a low to nonexistent post count with minimal logins. This is why the third criteria states that, “conditions vary and require a support ticket”. However, this also means that there were quite a few rejected name change requests. 


This is something that we don’t feel is necessarily fair due to the number of accounts that could be considered inactive but not abandoned. We also understand that some members take extended breaks away from the site and art community with every intention to one day return. There are also members who prefer to “lurk” and only place orders when they have the extra funds to spare or do so via private messaging. 


For these reasons, we have decided to create a new member group for inactive members and revise our name change procedures. This will allow us to accept more name change requests. The criteria for name changes will remain the same with the exception of the third line. The criteria is as follows:

  • At least 90 days old with a last login date of "never" - this typically only occurs if an account was created with the sole purpose of spamming or trolling the site or its members.
  • At least 12 months to 1 year with 1 post or less and hasn't logged in for 6 months or 180+ days.
  • Additional conditions that are determined by the administrative team - these vary and depend on the account's history (such as warnings and points) and previous purchases.

If a member requests a name that belongs to an inactive account, the account will be moved into the inactive group, removed from the mature secondary group, and have "_inactive" added to their current username. If and when they return, they will be required to change their username and contact support in order to be considered as "active" again. This will allow us to free up the requested username and allow the inactive user to return in the future without having to create a new account.


Members in the inactive group will not be allowed to post comments or responses on gallery images, topics, or marketplace listings. They will also not be allowed to create a new topic or download files from the marketplace. They will have limited access until they change their usernames and contact support




Recent updates and changes made to our forums section.


Topic Banners

Topic banners were a feature reserved for our Elite members and staff members introduced back in 2018. A recent software update caused areas of the website that have forum topic banners to not function correctly. We temporarily removed this feature in December of 2021 to prevent further damage while we troubleshooted the situation. After exploring every possible solution, we have decided to sunset this feature due to its low usage rate. (<5%)


While making the decision to remove a feature is not one we like to make, it made more sense that our resources go towards maintaining and improving more useful features. We may revisit a similar feature like this in the future, but as of now this will be a permanent decision.


Topic/Shop Pins

Some members were experiencing an issue with the Purchase Pin button not appearing within their topic when there were available slots. This issue has been resolved and the button should now appear for everyone. If you cannot see the button, there may not be a slot available. There are only 6 pin slots available in each forum section with the exception of the Commissions & Premades subcategory under Digital Artwork, which has 12 pin slots.


To prevent the button from disappearing for you, do not attempt to purchase a pin unless you intend on completing the checkout process. Leaving checkout without making a purchase will put your shop on a timeout and the button will not reappear for a minimum of 7 days. This is in place to prevent duplicate pins from being purchased while someone is in the middle of checkout. If you accidentally leave during checkout, you can complete purchase within 3 days before your invoice expires by going to your orders page and paying the pending invoice.


Orders - Art Haven


Marketplaces Reorganization

The forums and subforums under the Marketplaces category have been reorganized and cleaned up based on feedback and usage. The following list is a quick summary of the changes:

  • Artwork forum has been changed to Digital Artwork to avoid confusion between the Artwork and Handcrafted Goods section for traditional artists.
  • The Customs and Premades subcategories have been merged and renamed to Commissions & Premades. We noticed more and more artists wanted to juggle less shops by selling both customs and premades within the same topic. Further adjustments to the section and our guidelines will be made as we continue to monitor and evaluate the new subcategory. 
  • The Critique & Pricing subcategory has been added back.
  • The Coding & Design category was updated and all subcategories merged into one. When viewing this category, a list of what can be sold there is located at the top.



Recent updates and changes made to our community gallery.


New Category: Designs & Interfaces

A new category has been added to the gallery with five sub-categories within. Icons, Twitch.tv, IMVU, Web UX/UI, and Other. These categories would be perfect for artists who create Icons/Emotes, overlay and panel packages for Twitch and Youtube, IMVU homepages and product pages, UX/UI designs, etc.


Designs & Interfaces - Art Haven




Recent updates and changes made to our P2P marketplace.


Download Terms

The terms for downloadable files in the marketplace have been updated to better clarify how to receive support for your purchased items and how refunds work. These terms are shown to you when you attempt to download a file you have purchased and must be agreed to before your file will download. A copy of the updated terms is provided in the spoiler below.



Download Terms




The Marketplace contains files, links, images, videos, and other information uploaded by third parties registered to our website. The Marketplace is a platform provided by Art Haven as a market for user-to-user transactions. All marketplace submissions will be reviewed before public introduction to prevent the possibility of malicious files being downloaded; However, Art Haven cannot guarantee the legitimacy of all files submitted due to the nature of digital goods. Art Haven is not responsible for any issues caused by files downloaded from the Marketplace and recommend all members to use common safety practices when downloading. Please report any files you feel break our TOS, Community Guidelines, or Privacy Policy.


Art Haven and its staff cannot provide direct support for files purchased and/or downloaded from the Marketplace. Please use any support methods provided in the description and/or contact the file author directly for any issues you may be having. If you are still experiencing issues after contact has been made, or you are refused help without reason, you may submit a help ticket via Support for further assistance. If you submit a ticket without contacting the file author, you will be asked to contact the author and give a reasonable time frame for a response before assistance will be provided.

IMPORTANT: All refunds must be approved by the file author! Art haven will not override individual return policies. The ONLY exception to this would be instances of proven fraud. Any attempt to retrieve a refund by submitting fraudulent claims or charge backs through your payment provider after a denied refund will result in consequences against your account, including negative balances and/or bans.


New Subcategories for Brushes: Clip Studio Paint, Procreate

Two new subcategories have been added to the Brushes category under Resources. With the popularity of CSP and Procreate rising quickly, we thought those who make their own brushes to sell or give away would need a new home to upload their brush sets. These subcategories can be accessed using the sidebar navigation within the Brushes category.


Brushes - Art Haven


Marketplace Account Management

A new section has been added to the sidebar of the Marketplace that gives you quick access to your purchases page, order page, and your AH wallet to quickly manage your activity and earnings within the Marketplace. This section is located underneath the categories list.






Recent updates and changes made to our support process.


We have made a small overhaul to our support ticket system with updated departments, subjects, and information to try and streamline our support process, especially in situations where certain information is always needed in order to provide help. The following list is a quick summary of all the changes made:

  • The Privacy and Safety departments were merged due to overlap. The new department, Privacy & Safety, also had the following subjects added to the list: Privacy Policy Questions, Removal of Personal Information, Reporting Illegal Activity, Reporting Safety Issue, Fraud
  • The General Support department's description has been updated to provide more information about what it should be used for and had the following subjects added to the list: Password Issues, Compromised/Hacked Account, Website Help
  • The Billing department was renamed to the Billing & Payments department to make it clearer that this department is also for creator issues within the Marketplace. The following subjects were added to the list: AH Wallet/Withdrawals, Marketplace, Refund Request
  • Multiple fields were added to the Technical Support department to collect as much data as possible when creating a ticket to fast-track support.



That is all the changes we have for now. 2022 is a big year for Art Haven and we’re hope you’re just as excited as we are! Please be on the lookout for our additional announcements!

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