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[2022] Valentine's Day Card Contest



40 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote your favorite card design according to the letter below :

    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D

This poll is closed to new votes

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Another year has come and gone, it's that time to spread some love around ArtHaven! It's not only a time to express your love to your crush or significant other, but your friends and family around you as well! To those of you who have been with us on ArtHaven for a year or more, you'll know this is an annual event and to those who are just now joining in on this tradition, we really hope you'll take part and enjoy it! 

The first part of this event you'll design a Valentine's Card! We expect you to go for a unique design and an incredible design since the second part of the event is a voting stage. All card designs will be put to a community vote and the top 3 designs will be our winners! 


All card contest entries must be submit by:
deco-1.png   February 13th @12AM AH-time  deco-2.png



deco-bullet2.png CARD DESIGN deco-bullet2.png
February 1st - February 13th


deco-bullet2.png VOTING deco-bullet2.png
February 13th - February 16th

deco-bullet2.png WINNER ANNCOUNCEMENT deco-bullet2.png 
February 14th


deco-bullet2.png SENDING VALENTINES deco-bullet2.png
February 13th - February 16th



header-badges.png header-rewards.png

Everyone who participates will receive the following badges accordingly:


Designing Cards:


Sending a Card:





The community will choose who wins by voting for their favorite card! The top 3 designs will win 1 of 3 prizes that are shown down below.

The top 3 will win the following:

deco-bullet.png 1st: $25 Amazon Gift Card  deco-bullet.png

deco-bullet.png 2nd: 3 Month Elite deco-bullet.png 

deco-bullet.png 3rd: $10 Account Credit deco-bullet.png 



deco-bullet.png Everyone is allowed to participate!

deco-bullet.png We would like to see some quality cards! So channel your inner Valentine's spirit and take your time with the design. (i.e. if your line is "I love you a latte" you can draw a latte with some valentine elements).

deco-bullet.png Entries will remain anonymous until voting is over.

deco-bullet.png Each participant may only submit up to a total of 3 cards.

deco-bullet.png You must use the templates. (Template size should be 900x1260)

deco-bullet.png Don’t draw over the white border, it’s there for a reason!

deco-bullet.png Please credit resources if they are used in your work.

deco-bullet.png Please don’t add “To:” or “From:” on your card(s).

deco-bullet.png You may add text on the card(s) (no personal text).

deco-bullet.png When you’re done with designing the card(s), please PM @Jimi the Mailman

deco-bullet.png All submissions will be private, DO NOT post the cards in this topic.

deco-bullet.png Any participants asking other users to vote for their entry will be disqualified.


header-templatea.png header-templateb.png



\\ click here to download //





\\ click here to download //













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Happy Valentine's Day, Haveners! It's the special day of love and we want to allow you to really show the people you cherish how much you care! This is the part of the event where you can send them a cute Valentines card! Whether your intent is to confess love, make them smile, or just show your appreciation- you're bound to find a card that'll get the job done!


To do this though, you must fill the form out down below and send a Private Message to @Jimi the Mailman with the card design and message you want delivered. The cards will be delivered by Jimi The Mailman on Valentine's Day! 




 ♡  Form 1  

Card Letter: 




 ♡  Form  2  

Card Letter:


































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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello Haveners!

We have received a few Valentine's Day  card designs however, we decided it would be best to extend the submission date! That means the day to send in your submissions will now be:


February 13th at 12AM UTC


Any designs you would like to send please pm it to @Jimi the Mailman  and the event will continue from there.  Looking forward to seeing some beautiful heart-filled designs!



♥ The Event Team ♥


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7 hours ago, LiLMooMoo said:

When will be able to see the forms to sends cards there locked still sorry :ppopcorn:


The forms will be unlocked on Feb 13th! We want to wait until all card designs has been submitted before unlocking; since the deadline of the submissions has been extended! 

Thank you for mentioning it, we need to update that in the post :hee:

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10 minutes ago, Fervent said:


The forms will be unlocked on Feb 13th! We want to wait until all card designs has been submitted before unlocking; since the deadline of the submissions has been extended! 

Thank you for mentioning it, we need to update that in the post :hee:

Thank you for letting me knew ☺️ I can't wait to vote 

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This officially concludes the design portion of the event.

Let's move on !


The voting portion has officially started!

Please head to the first post to check out the beautiful designs submitted to us and choose your favorite, every card has been labeled with a letter, all there's left to do is vote using the poll with the letter accordingly.


Voting will be closed on the 16th of February, 12PM UTC


Forms are also available now ! See a card you like ? Fill out the form and send it to @Jimi the Mailman

Your card will be mailed as soon as possible to the special person of your choice!




♥ The Event Team ♥

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The voting has officially ended !

And that concludes the Valentine's day card Design Contest!



We'd like to start by thanking every participant for their amazing submissions,

our voters for their help and we hope everyone got to enjoy sending and receiving their special cards ! But our community has spoken, and here's our winners for this year's contest !


Drum roll please !


The first place goes to card A ! Designed by the talented @Lacie



In the second place, we have card C ! Created by the amazing @Fervent



And finally, in the third place, Card D ! by @LittuBinku





Congratulations to all the winners ! You will be messaged shortly with more information regarding your prize.

And badges will be delivered as soon as possible !


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact an Event Coordinator.





The Event Team

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