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Looking for Vtuber Avatar model.

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(I hope this is allowed in here if not... Im sorry ;w;)

because a friend of mine is streaming I've been dying to join her in her streams sometimes and decided to look for an artist to help me create a model/avatar to do so.

I have no interest in using it commercially outside of that. (as its unavoidable when joining others ;) )

below are 2 character options which could be used for this.
please list your pricing and ofc an example! <3


1156358549_THsized.thumb.png.ad0f74e191823009423c15bf8897135f.png1.  Toxiskel >< very uberly detailed.


201274804_AyumiRef.thumb.png.d43a4a92de160160b90cc1e6a65fbc31.png2.  Wisp designed by ayumi, ignore the floating objects.


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