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Years long art block, need practice


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Sup y'all , 


As the title mentions,

I've been having an art block for quite a few years now and I really want to get into drawing again.


So, if you want some free drawings of your OCs or repaints of your IMVU characters,

just post your own forms.


I may or may not colour them depending on the references and my mood, I'm lazy so we'll see :p


If you wanna include lighting, posing, etc references that would be useful too. 

Colour palettes as well, as I'm colourblind so it helps quite a lot haha.


Here's some really old examples if you want to see:







I'll probably get started on them after getting a few orders and see which inspire me.


Here's just a few no no's:


  • I won't do fan art.
  • I won't draw real people (for now at least).
  • I won't do NSFW (that doesn't mean no nudity, just not anything too explicit).
  • I won't do couples, unless you have some really interesting references pose wise.
  • I won't take any orders without any references, IMVU characters/poses don't count as such.
  • I won't draw your OCs from scratch, meaning I need some visual reference for it - so a collection of random references won't be accepted.
  • I won't take orders that ignore these rules nor will I follow the order of requests, I'll take those that inspire me.
  • If you read these add -  hey sexy  - somewhere in your form.


Anyway, thanks for reading and help me out :D 


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Hey sexy ^^

I understand the struggles of art block since ive been in one for a while, i hope one of my characters can inspire you, even just a little

Theo Lemoine , Banji Kyoshi , Noboru Miura , or 

If you're fine with characters that are monster-like, here's my favorite character ^^
Warning, this character has one nsfw piece of art:

Thank you so much for the opportunity 

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Ocs/References:  /  (pose)
Text: Character’s name if they one.
Watermark: Miyuka

other: some are closed species and are required to have their traits be kept/followed. Let me know if you can’t see their profiles and references as I have guest block on!


Hey sexy, thank you for considering!:lazeflirt:

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