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Hi guys! My name is John and I'm graphic designer. 
I am currently looking for a new job and trying to raise money :gross:

If you like my art, can you help me? Thanks for your time :aww:




· Do not steal. Please, it is very difficult for me to sit down and draw.

· Do not sell my art. I do not have many resources and it is really difficult for me.

· Do not rush me. I am a calm person, patience, I will always try to be attentive.


If you like my art and want to buy it, you can send the money to PayPalMe.

D R A W I N G S  A V A I L A B L E S


1279220387_Ilustracin_sin_ttulo4.thumb.png.d0e7d4ccd41aed3bfc594256470b7502.png 1047423989_Ilustracin_sin_ttulo2.thumb.png.c8b7ab5be614cd5ff963be1ef2bfe879.png 534017523_Ilustracin_sin_ttulo(1).thumb.png.fb20341baf604823ad44de6dc758f326.png 353763711_Ilustracin_sin_ttulo3.thumb.png.e1678915ca74df7132c2f1fa4d803998.png
#Premade 1: $15  #Premade 2: $15  #Premade 3: $15  #Premade 4: $15 




1826677739_Ilustracin_sin_ttulo5.thumb.png.d995478adde43af56171ffd336c980d0.png avipic.png.93d8b20465c5278142a0b43620e8135e.png 2145910341_Ilustracin_sin_ttulo(2).thumb.png.808c052c548a0507494b373cc6f6cbd9.png
#Premade 5: $15 #Premade 6: $15 #Premade 7: $15 #Premade 8: $15


:aww: Form :aww:

♥ Premade number:
♥ Name: 

♥ Price: 







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