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Out of practice


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Hello there!


It's been a hot minute since I've made any art and I want to change that


Please give me some references/characters/ect, and I'll see what I can do!


Also my "Style" is incredibly inconsistent so ehehehuhuhhhuuuu




chopper GIF



COW.png.2e4f932d4b93e2a3106ff2bf74442087.png         kels2.png.c70239a587199c002f9e5b7d9f838d66.png      roe.png.65f411a01d6d73f5aae0280e31218a53.png      

rando.png.5d82835ded4a209c797318528478ec1c.png          stevie.png.c35db2a1dd05e3e9788fc6850f46ecc0.png   



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i recently got two new baby’s  id love to see in some other styles! youre free to draw her single but a couple is okay too jusy keep the texts on the same side they already are! colors and accessories need to stay but artistic freedom is encouraged in all other aspects!
text: Kels

Ref https://sta.sh/21iuwz7ksymw?edit=1

succubus https://sta.sh/2kbh1ipxgy3?edit=1


MY NEWEST OC, She is a Viking priestess: https://sta.sh/21llk2ds8jco?edit=1

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