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✨ cute stickers | ych stickers ✨


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This is my sticker shop where I'll be offering premade stickers from different games and shows

as well as ych custom stickers! :)


These are 100% homemade stickers. Please keep in mind these are not professionally made.



Terms of Service

By purchasing from me, you are agreeing to these rules.

 Please read these rules. They are extremely important to know before ordering anything from me.


General Rules
✨ All Art Haven rules apply.

✨ Shipping will be individually calculated based on your address using Ship Station. Therefore, the price of the sticker will not include the shipping price!

✨ Be patient, do not rush me.

✨ Prices are in USD only.

✨ No haggling, prices are final.

✨ Do not provide proof of payment showing my full name. I get a notification from PayPal showing that you've paid.


Process (for YCH)

✨  Once I accept and sketch your commission, payment must be sent when you approve the sketch.

✨ I will not continue the art piece until payment is received.

✨ Any big changes (ex: adding or removing something, alterations) you want on the art piece, must be said during the sketch phase, otherwise, I will not make changes afterwards

✨ You will be sent a final work in progress of your finished commission - only color changes can be made at this stage.

✨ Once I've sent you the digital file of your art piece, no changes can be made. I will then ship your stickers.


References (for YCH)

✨ Your references must be clear and organized.

✨  I will not accepted references consisting of individual images such as "this hair, this top, this eye color, this bracelet, etc."

✨ You must provide art references - meaning, someone drew your character before you commissioned me.

✨ No text descriptions, I will not create or make up something.

✨ The character you are commissioning me to draw must be owned, created, or purchased by you (unless it's a gift for a friend). I will not draw a commission containing references of someone else's art piece that you do not own or have permission to commission me with - that is copyright infringement.



✨ For personal use only. Do not try to resell or claim the artwork or stickers.

✨ You must credit me no matter where you store your artwork.

✨ As the artist, I Medic, have the right to promote myself and post the commission anywhere.

✨ Once you receive the digital file of your commission, you do not have permission to edit or alter the finished product in any way.


Refunds & Cancellations

✨ If something is wrong with your sticker I don't mind sending you a new one.

✨ Your order can be cancelled if I have not started the sketch to your commission already.

✨ I am allowed to cancel your order for any reason if I have not started the sketch and you haven't sent payment.



Premade Stickers
All these stickers are star holographic.



✨ Star Guardian: Miss Fortune ✨
$2.50 USD each (Shipping will be individually calculated) |  400x375

In Stock





✨ Star Guardian: Soraka ✨
$2.50 USD each (Shipping will be individually calculated) |  400x376

In Stock




✨ Star Guardian: Janna ✨
$2.50 USD each (Shipping will be individually calculated) |  400x538

In Stock




✨ Star Guardian: Jinx Set ✨
$5.00 USD all together (Shipping will be individually calculated)
 Jinx is 400x343 | Shiro is 300x400 | Kuro is 300x379

In Stock




✨ Battle Academia Caitlyn ✨
$2.50 USD each (Shipping will be individually calculated) |  400x538

In Stock




Form for Premade Stickers

Please DM this to me!


✨ Username:

✨ Premade Sticker: (jinx, Miss Fortune, etc)

✨ Quantity:

✨ Delivery Address:

✨ PayPal Email:



YCH Stickers

$16.00 USD | Shipping will be individually calculated


You will receive..

2 Star Holographic Stickers + 1 digital .png file of your art piece.




YCH Sticker Form

Please DM this to me!


✨ Username:

✨ Base #:
✨ Reference(s):
✨ Background color:

✨ Delivery Address:

✨ PayPal Email:


Slot: (0/1)

✨ Open



F.A.Q & Credit



Divider created by King-Lulu_Deer.

Q: What machine do you use to cut stickers?
A: Cricut Explore Air 2


Q: What shipping company do you use to make shipping labels?

A: I use PirateShip to get the cheapest shipping rates for customers.


Q: What sticker paper do you use?
A: I use Vinyl Matte Sticker Paper to print the stickers on, and then I put the Star Holographic Sticker Paper on top before I use my Cricut Machine to cut.




Edited by Medic
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  • 2 weeks later...
8 hours ago, fromhiccups said:

I got my stickers!!!!  I absolutely love them!!!  Your packaging is sooo cute as well! 🥰 Tyyy so much!! 💕


Awww no problem and thank you! I'm glad you like them and they got to you safely :klove:💖

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