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Spooks Art Request [RL couple art needed] (Open)


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Hellooooo, It has been a while since i've had a request thread so i'm excited to do this again. I have a lot of OCs and smaller characters i'll put here. I'm currently mainly looking for art of my fiance and I over art of my characters. I prefer high res images. If you're willing to do couple art for my fiance and I then i will send you the references in DM.

I am also looking for pet portraits of my dog jezebel!

I am officially putting a slight NSFW warning on my OCs. I can pay via paypal or IMVU credits(if people still do that. lol). If you are interested in drawing anything please let me know which you'd like to do and post examples of your artwork/post a link to you're shop. Please do not start on anything until I approve. You should be able to click the icon of the character for the references.


What i'm looking for(art of my fiance and I):

- Matching Icons

- Full body art

- chibi

- wallpaper

- references sheets


What i'm looking for(OC art):

- Icons

- Full body art

- chibi

- headshots

- Reference sheets


My OC's


Aaron                            Angie Derp                    Angie(obscura)                         Aurore                               Azreal

160691119_aaronicon.png.21e90c676ba0f8efbb4bbbd89bc0c992.png  508176338_angiederpicon.png.c03d374602ed97508ec8e1f64e0b7a3a.png  1471665605_Angieicon.png.a1dd5f551ae83c0ed432f8bdf8e9c249.png  668221043_Auroreicon.png.f4cfa02643efb76ce9a80cdc19607fa2.png  1211043151_Azrealicon.png.1c23d929759039993dd3e6291c2068d7.png


Cecilia                               Elendriel                           Molly                                   Katya                                    Lana

525510459_cecilaicon.png.6aeafa14d8d6e43b55e683a89a2eb723.png  1131735202_elendrielicon.jpg.ad07075f235a71482bcd47c020951ae3.jpg  icon.jpg.836b16e489b0fffcc1f7138303fc6eac.jpg  1153313745_katyaicon.png.c914ea64a4c7d9f8854b3bc009fec0f2.png  774809566_Lanaicon.jpg.1bf42852c9bf8ee090eace9db44498c7.jpg


Melina                               Micha                                  Mimi                                Solaria                                  Tara

 442172645_Melinaicon.png.c1306b84deefb1050761b98ea4abc233.png  622191286_Michaicon.png.af6cc01b004ea0d5deab1b33b33008de.png  1627800248_mimiicon.jpg.7208e29b9c4fec311a20bca503d54754.jpg  Solaria.jpg.c76c65420e92f47dc0075b6107411ec8.jpg  Tara.jpg.00848aceaa369a342ac00cd598688826.jpg 





Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you!

Edited by Dempsey

Added more OC's/ format fix
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£28 bust / £34 thigh up / £40 full body (couples x2 the price)

would love to draw any of your ocs, i'd be down to do a reference sheet aswell. depending on if you want it fully rendered, just a sketch etc. it could go betweeen £30-50

can also do a photostudy of a pic of you and your fiance in this style but it'll cost more :o 

Edited by Amy
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so, i'll basically need a HD pic of both of you guys together, and then i'll just paint referencing the photo if that makes sense? for like a regular selfie pic it'll be £60 (couple price) anything that has more and the price will go up, just depends on the photo itself. :) 

my regular couples style is something like this tho (this was a bust)

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Hey hey!


I'd love to draw any of your OC's (I personally love Aaron and Xion's designs a lot, but I'd be okay with drawing anyone!) or a coupled art of you and your fiancé!


I can draw fullbodies (regular or chibi) for 16 EUROS, and reference sheets for about 25 to 30 depending on the difficulty of the design and all that! But these prices are negotiable. I sadly don't have a lot of recent character sheet examples as I rarily get to draw them, but I hope these examples will suffice!


Here's some examples:




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Omg. i'm so sorry for not replying in a bit. I've been stupid busy at work and just stressed out in general. Not sure if any of you still want to work together but if you do, i'd like to get a few things from the following people.

@Amy I apologize for any inconvenience i may have caused you but i'd like a bust piece of the character of your choice. please PM me and we can discuss further and trade PP.

@kirakirq I'd love to get a bust of the character of your choosing. Feel free to PM me and i'll give you my PP.

@DISSS_KUUU You're artwork is very versatile! I'm a fan of your lineart style. If you'd still like to work together please PM me so we can exchange PP.


To @irisque , @Mimgu and @Daaes. I love each of your unique styles but I don't think they are exactly what i'm looking for. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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I would like to give this a try if you're still looking! I am up for both criteria (Irl commisions, or your ocs), I will be only offering offering full body art, references sheet and headshot atm. 


My price range from $27 (this is the price for a single bust art) to $40 (max price for single reference sheet at the highest complexity)

We can discuss the price more to fit your budget. I don't have examples for couples currently but I am able to do couples. 


You can check my current shop for examples and also my artstation portfolio.


Let me know what you think!

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