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[2022] Support for Ukraine

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Welcome Haveners, and thank you for joining us in this special support event.


The Russo-Ukrainian war is no easy topic to discuss, as most of you have seen the repercussions to the constant attacks on the innocent. But this must be addressed and offered every bit of support we may be able to gather, thank you for taking the time to read this.


This war has been ongoing since February 2014, between the Russian armed forces and Ukraine, following the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity.


The first eight years of the conflict included the Russian annexation of Crimea (2014) and the war in Donbas (2014–present) between Ukraine and Russia. This included naval incidents, cyberwars and constant political tensions between both parties. 

Following a Russian military build-up on the Russia–Ukraine border from late 2021, the conflict expanded significantly when Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022.


The first rounds of attacks appeared to be following a pattern of targeting military infrastructure in hopes to weaken the country for invasion, but this soon turned into attacks across country to many homes, hospitals and school. Many Ukrainians now spend their nights in bomb shelters in hopes to live to another day.





» Everyone can participate. 

» Please remember this is a charity / support event, there will be no prize given out to those who donated.

» At the end of the event an Event Coordinator will check to see if you left your overlay on for the duration of the event. With that said please make sure your overlay stays on. 

» You are welcome to donate to any (or all) of the charities listed below. Once you have donated please proceed to screenshot your donation conformation as proof and PM to any Event Coordinator. Proof of donation MUST be included in order to receive your participation badge.

» Any donation towards any of the listed charities will receive a donation-only overlays.

» If you are unable to donate, you are more than welcome to show support through the overlay provided here (which can be used by anyone who chooses to participate). To clarify, you do not need to to donate to wear the colors of Ukraine. Remember to comment within the topic (with the overlay on) to receive a badge.

» If you have any suggestions active, helpful charities, please send out the link to an Event Coordinator. Upon reviewing, it could be added to the current list.





Global Empowerment Mission

Miami-based organization located in Medyka, Poland. Donations are used to buy refugees train and plane tickets to help reach any family or friends they have in Europe.


World Central Kitchen

Chef Jose Andres, set up his World Central Kitchen on the ground at the Ukraine-Poland border providing warm meals to those in need.


Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

The organization's official website states that a donation will help "affected communities in Ukraine, with a focus on the most vulnerable, including children, who need access to food, medical services, and psychosocial support." Additionally, the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund also states that it will "support humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions where Ukrainian refugees have fled."


International Rescue Committee

An organization that is currently mobilizing resources to aid the people in Ukraine who were forced to flee their homes.


UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund)

Works in over 190 countries to bring nutrition, health, education and more to children and families. UNICEF and partners are on the ground providing support to children and families in desperate need of safety, stability and protection.


IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)

Is working with local partners to get supplies to wildlife sanctuaries and animal shelters in Ukraine, as well as groups supporting refugees in surrounding countries. The organization also maintains a verified list of resources in both Ukrainian and English - for Ukrainians escaping with their pets regarding entry requirements in nearby countries.


Network for Animals

International nonprofit organization, that has offices in both the United Kingdom and the United Sates, partnered with local groups to evacuate nearly 1,000 dogs and cats from Ukraine since the Russian invasion. Recently, the group finalized paperwork for a 3rd ambulance, which will help a veterinarian transport even more animals 
out of Ukraine. David Barritt (executive director of Network for Animals), states the ambulances ferry food and medical supplies into Ukraine and return with dogs who were left behind.


Veterinarians Without Borders

Partners with on-the ground shelters to provide needed resources. Specifically partnerships with three animal humanitarian agencies who can get the basics to where they are needed the most, which included 700 Ukraine animal shelters, and 1,200 drop off points for food delivery where animals are sheltering with their human companions in residential areas, and where people have had to seek safe shelter from
bombing and shelling with their pets.







Participants will receive the following badge: 











» Owoce

» Ghibli

» Vanatei

» Quchi

» Cappster

» ExDies

» Moan

» Emty

» Bellosom

» dirty

» Milkpaw

» Eihi

» LilMooMoo

» Hiroki

» Sang

» mishtiques

» Atlas

» Melina

» Sel

» Baah

» Hexxie

» Hauntings

» Careworn

» Yuvu

» Kate

» elliee

» Fallon

» Fervent

» Skye

» Incendiary

» Qvah

» Imyerdad

» Khaleesi

» Username

» Username

» Username





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Is it oke for someone to help me with the overlay? 


Also I might donate later once I get my pay^^ This situation is so sad but I am glad that they are getting a help that they need. My school has around 15 Ukraine runaway students and I am so glad the even my school offered help.



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@ Moanhere you go


1 hour ago, Moan said:

Could someone please help put the overlay on my picture?

Thank you.:byaslove:


As for donating I plan to do it once I get paid!

No War Heart GIF


i wish i could donate but i will show support by any other means. 

About Bare Tree Media | Digital Agency | MA | New England/NE

Edited by Emty
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Atm I can't send money, but I can ask someone in my shop to send the payment of the art to one of the charities


If we all do a little hopefully we will be able to make the life of someone more comfortable



At my hospital service me and my nurses collegues already sent a lot of medical material and clothes for adults and children
And we are planning o sent another car soon

I've a friend (nurse too) that welcomed a refugee family, and we all help with the reinsercation in our country

Vladimir Putin Heart GIF

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I could only imagine everything that they're going through. :( I've read over some reports and it's just... sad to put it lightly. My thoughts are always with them in this hard time, and I hope they find peace. 

&& If someone could please help me out with my overlay that would be amazing! 


Edited by Milkpaw
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4 hours ago, dirty said:

Could someone put the Overlay on this for me <3 thank you!


I also have donated Praying that theses families are okay :kcheeks:



32 minutes ago, Milkpaw said:

I could only imagine everything that they're going through. :( I've read over some reports and it's just... sad to put it lightly. My thoughts are always with them in this hard time, and I hope they find peace. 

&& If someone could please help me out with my overlay that would be amazing! 



@dirty @Milkpaw here you go :blove:

 I wish I could donate but we stand by Ukraine always :cutethumbsup:




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Three more charities have been added for fellow animal companions, that are in the midst of this horrific situation. Thank you so much @ Vanatei for bringing attention to that.

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