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beans practice shop || OPEN ♡


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Hello there! Just here for practice purposes only, for the time being. 。◕ ‿ ◕。

I don't have a consistent style that I'm extremely happy with, so nothing will ever be the exact same!

I may open a shop should this go well- if not, that's okay too! I can always use the extra practice nonetheless.





1.) ALL Art Haven rules apply! Please read them if you haven't already.

2.) No reselling or redistributing these freebies to anyone for ANY reason.

3.) No editing, tracing, or claiming my artwork to be your own.

4.) Please credit me for the art: sukissel@IG or sukissel@toyhouse

5.) I am not comfortable drawing the following: facial hair, super masculine designs, hands, mecha,

NSFW, gore, fetish, drug use, hate against ANYONE or ANYTHING, super complicated designs, wings.

6.) I DO NOT WORK WITH SCREENIES! They are very difficult for me to use. So if possible, please provide a ref

sheet or anything else that would help me to draw your request. I would so very much appreciate it!

7.) Humans, humanoids, and furry characters are completely fine for me to draw.

8.) I won't do everyone's requests! I'll do what interests me most, so please understand.





Size is 160 x 220 

They may or may not be shaded

Simple backgrounds/props are okay

Please note: **Most of these examples are fairly old**

New examples ---> Old examples

df5p6tc-d9b02f64-86d3-4c65-b087-011b6e438ae6.png.f957cd666c1e5add475484f6df8c7626.png df5p6td-cf309f63-a6fb-45bf-83bb-8672101af819.png.84a73b911aef63292bedf525f50ce253.png df5p6t4-82308263-0288-49f5-b0e8-4eab5bf36f37.png.52138a110154467a5435c8df66c65098.png df5p6ti-b615d2bb-7462-4976-ad48-48ae9a2223f1.png.8aa45cf5c4c4f430eebdd2ee6f13f80a.png

df5p6t8-f82bc1a2-6e86-4f80-8948-b68f4f7841ba.png.7c5006d7ab64de3c8bb8bcec04b6e7a5.png df5p6sz-c9b61569-bed3-42db-a9d8-f816522587b5.png.42c5610b4567a026c59e6afd787320c4.png df5p6tf-2223e9f9-f6cf-4b84-964b-ed5412828f8d.png.12755b06756a3f4422e24405e94593c3.png












df5qa8h-323b7a04-7fda-4a3d-a79f-32e0ecdc4278.png.6861e1ed5ae90481e26fdf1c07b6b18d.png df5qklb-2c76d1a8-9fc2-42e0-8e08-e427c9e7cf73.png.7192e1b1d7d72fb6cae400808a303f5e.png


Edited by Succubean

adding rule
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References: 🌱

Text: Roe

Pose: 🌿

Background: I love the color Blue and Teal Blue!

Extra(s): 🌙 This is the top I’d like or something like it! I have other outfits in my Refs that might be easier. I hope my completed art pieces might help with an idea also.


Thanks so much for considering!

No Face GIF by Spirited Away

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References: Ayda , Giroux , or Alexei

Text: Stevie

Pose: A basic pose is fine ^^

Background: If you choose Ayda, a nice yellow or unsaturated red would do nicely. If you choose Giroux, purple would fit him perfectly. If you choose Alexei, a grey ish blue or plain grey background would be nice.

Extra(s): N/A ^^

Thank you so much for considering ❤️

Edited by Stevie
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40 minutes ago, Succubean said:

@Haleyy I'd love to draw Alona for you ♥ I'll draw her up tomorrow!


@myuki Ume is so pretty! I'd love to draw her for you c: I'll post something tomorrow!


@Certainly I couldn't decide between your succubus oc or your irl + cat, so I think I'll do both!


Thank you SO MUCH! I can’t wait to see how they come out! :kcheeks:

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