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Help me get out of my art block? (Free Art)


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Hey guys! I have been having an art block for a while... it has sucked pretty bad.... SO.


Got any characters with pose/expression ideas to possibly help me out of this block?


Please don't just post a list of ocs, I am looking for inspiration to get me back into drawing, so example poses and expressions and background ideas included.

Thank you for reading, I'm really hoping to get back into the swing of things.




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Hi, how annoying T.T
I hope you can get inspired again and end this art block, here I will leave 2 links of my OCs,
in the links there are some information such as ideas for backgrounds, poses,
information about personality etc, I hope it inspires you \o/

OC's: Calen ♥ Ume
Text: myuki


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Text: Roe

Pose/Expression: https://sta.sh/01pggf911rcr (minus the whipped cream)

Hair: https://sta.sh/0iqpcqdzfpa

Earrings: https://sta.sh/08h7z6c94r9

Background: https://sta.sh/0ui1sf86280 or https://sta.sh/0wk3go9d9yd (The sky/Colors)

Outfit/Shirt: https://sta.sh/01o1xfw0zt5r (can be just the top if headshot only or the whole outfit otherwise!)

Extras: If you need help or different references for anything please ask! Or feel free to browse through my references on my stash! Otherwise please have fun! 


Thanks so much for considering!

I Love You Reaction GIF by Warner Bros. Deutschland


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Text: Eloise / Alexis
Character: Eloise Eloise 2
Pose: Poses (Middle one) 

Facial expression: Tears rolling down the face with dull/wide eyes, with a defeated facial expression, more emphasized with the eyes and eyebrows + kept composure if that makes sense
Background:  dark/dim lit stage with soft spotlight coming down


Ty if you consider x

Edited by Cafe
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Art blocks are literally the absolute worst. I've been in a continuous art block for ages. 

I hope mine or other people's ocs help you out ^^

Watermark / Text: Stevie
Chara: Cinn
Pose / Expression: this or if you want something less standard i'd like this but with him holding a tattooing gun in his hand rather than him holding someone else's arm. Like he's touching his face with his left hand and in his right hand is a tattooing gun. I'd like to think of it as him REALLY wanting to give a tattoo.
Background: Maybe a wall plastered with papers that have tattoo designs on them like in a tattoo shop?


Thank you for considering ^^

Edited by Stevie
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Sorry to hear about your art block dear ;~; I know that can be frustrating >.< hope this or some of these others people have posted help ya!! 


text: wubs

pose: pulling her mask down a bit with a little annoyed look or nomming on a delicious cheesy burger xD



text: wubs

pose: reading a book or in her garden working on her flowers~


Edited by Wubbsie
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Text: nics
OC #1: https://ibb.co/Lr9JDhK
OC #2: https://ibb.co/7VGTX2c (when drawing remove the glasses on the beanie)

Background ideas: something cool dark grey
Poses: smoking

Extra: facial expression can be a meanie,arrogant looking. and a smirk (basically bad boy style)

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Text: Miyuka (F) / Jerikho (M)

References: Yuuka : Everyone

Background ideas: honestly I don't mind anything as long as it's suitable but if you want some ideas I can try and think of some! 

Pose ideas: ^

Anything else : let me know if you can't see them. thank you so much for considering. I'm not a artist but I used to do something associated to art and gosh it's so frustrating when no ideas come to mind:lazerollcry:

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