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[2022] LGBTQ+ Pride Month

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LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer or Questioning.
The + includes all the communities present in the sexuality and gender spectrum as well as its allies


This is the time of year where Art Haven comes together to support one another, celebrate equality, and show love to all people of all orientations. The month of June was chosen for LGBTQ+ Pride month in 1970. This was to show support recognizing the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June in the late 1960s. These celebrations and events continue as to recognize the impact LGBTQ+ people have had in the world.


This year is no different, the LGBTQ+ community has made many great steps forward and have fought for their rights. It is important that we still show our support, raise awareness, and promote a safe space that is free of judgement. We'd like everyone show their support for those who are still fighting for the right to love and the right to be who they'd like to be.

In this topic you may post about your coming out stories, experiences, people that inspired you, other stories, discussions or anything else you would like to tell that is related to the topic. The point of this event is to meet and talk to people from the community and meet fellow LGBTQ+ friends who may even share a similar story to your own!


Similar to previous years we also invite you to add overlays corresponding to your orientation (or a straight ally overlay) to your DP. This shows our colors and support all over the forum. Down below we have some already made overlays you can add to your DP and adjust if you feel the need to do so! Also, feel free to make your own overlays and share them in this topic so they can be added to the list of overlays for people to use! 



❤ Everyone is welcome to participate!

🧡 You must post something below and have an overlay on in order to receive the reward.

💛 If you're not able to add the overlay yourself, feel free to ask for help in this topic!

💚 Please be respectful and understanding to one another. You may reply to someone's story to show support, but keep it on topic!

💙 The overlay must remain through the entirety of the event from the time you've posted, and at the end of the event to count! 



June 1 - June 30


All participants will receive the following award:







LGBT Rainbow Overlay

click for png


Straight Ally Overlay

click for png

click for png


Heteroflexibility Overlay

click for png


Bisexuality Overlay

click for png


Pansexuality Overlay

click for png


Panromantic Overlay

click for png 


Asexuality Overlay

click for png


Apagender Overlay

click for png

Aromantic Overlay

click for png

click for png


Demisexuality Overlay 

click for png


Demiromantic Overlay

click for png


Transgender Overlay

click for png


Transexual Overlay

click for png


Polysexual Overlay

click for png


Polyamorous Overlay

click for png


Abrosexuality Overlay

click for png

Intersexual Overlay

click for png


Autosexual Overlay

click for png


Skoliosexual Overlay

click for png


Androgynous Overlay

click for png


Genderqueer Overlay

click for png


Gender Binary Overlay

click for png


Gender Non-Binary Overlay

click for png

click for png


Lesbian Overlay

click for png

click for png


Androphilia Overlay

click for png


Gynephilia Overlay

click for png


Hermaphrodite Overlay

click for png


Neutrois Overlay

click for png


Greyromantic Overlay

click for png

click for png


Lithromantic Overlay

click for png



Below is a chart to help you identify the orientations and their colors. Click here to learn more about each flag.







footer-left.png footer-mid.png footer-right.png
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second-left.png second-mid.png second-right.png





❤  Atlas

🧡  Feyri

💛  Ghosts

💚  Hauntings

💙  Remba

💜  Haleyy


❤  Sang

🧡  Kyde

💛 Sayai

💚  Careworn

💙  Lotusillustrations

💜  Pey




💛  ExDies

💚  Fallon

💙  Alextric

💜  Toffii


❤  Lunna

🧡  Bellosom

💛  Horror


💙  Morrisette

💜  Spirits


❤  Creepiest

🧡  Fervent

💛  Kate

💚  Astro

💙  DivineYumi

💜  ThroughTheLightx


❤  Cappster

🧡  Brutal

💛  Yukori

💚  BunnyBri

💙  Weebus

💜  Hiroki




💛 Purs

💚 Sin


💜 Groan



❤ Yoniu

🧡 Jack

💛 Yandere

💚 Hannah

💙 Undies

💜 Sel



❤ Owoce

🧡 Eihi

💛 Alternity

💚 Articxs

💙 Hollena

💜 LitaLK



❤ Dracula

🧡 Ahnshi

💛 Verula

💚 Margeauxx

💙 LocuProjects

💜 Kuroneko




🧡 Juni





❤  Drexiy

🧡  Ghibli

💛  Euphoria

💚  Crystals

💙  Moan

💜  Myuki


❤  Imyerdad

🧡  Quchi

💛  calnite

💚 PinkBlossom

💙  Scorpsgeti

💜  Taemin


❤ Solaire

🧡  Arianna

💛  Emty

💚  Waifu

💙  Cyclorpz

💜  Mya


❤  Yoerin

🧡  Puts

💛  Khaleesi

💚  elliee

💙  Amputate

💜  Xstasi


❤  Sanrio

🧡  Sabbu

💛  Nessasweet

💚  Orbies

💙  Barby

💜  Bratts


❤  Melina

🧡  KirsChie

💛  Lazyneko

💚  Rott

💙 Kia



❤ Kaoru

🧡 Baah

💛 bothic


💙 Belladelle

💜 bruna


❤ Milkpaw

🧡 Aeq

💛 Breux

💚 Soapi

💙 Qvah

💜 oyu



❤ valencia

🧡 Softly

💛 Myshumeaw

💚 ichigo

💙 Radd

💜 Vec



❤ Deli

🧡 Lacie

💛 LiGrim

💚 ratty

💙 Togi

💜 Nyxh









footer-left.png footer-mid.png footer-right.png
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Happy Love Is Love GIF by pikaole

I made this overlay last pride celebration on AH and wanted to bring it back. This is the flag for Gender Apathy.

It is also known as apagender or inersgender. It essentially means that I am apathetic towards my gender identity and don't necessarily care about it.

This is just my experience with apagender and everyone can identify differently! It took me a long time to figure out where I fit on the spectrum...bu' I am happy I was finally able to find myself.


I wish you all a wonderful Pride month...and remember, it doesn't just stop at the end of June. Keep showing your colors.


Bee Kind and Bee Safe! 🐝


Dropping the Apagender overlay incase anyone wants to use it!


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I'm so excited for pride month. I've been learning more and more about myself  this past year. I'm excited to use a overlay once I can get on pc.  I'm so happy to be part of the lgbtq community and seeing there is so many people who are all different in amazing ways. 



I'm also adding to this I thought I had this written lol. I'm coming up on a year this October of being out as nonbinary and so many people are super supportive 


Edited by Ghibli
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Happy Pride Everyone!!!


Coming to terms on who I am is really a never ending process.

Currently the only thing I am sure if is that I identify as Non-Binary so that is what I shall represent with my profile picture!






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I discovered myself in demisexualism just over 2 years ago.
and that was a relief for me, it's too bad you feel different and don't fit in anywhere.
I hope more and more people can identify with their genders! and this is so important, it makes us freer, lighter! :kwave:

happy pride everyone!


Rainbow Love GIF

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Is it possible to have an abrosexual overlay?

Abrosexuality represents someone with a fluid sexuality such as myself, where my sexual and romantic attraction often or frequently changes as time goes on. Like being genderfluid, but instead of genders - your sexuality can change daily, weekly, or more.


If an abrosexual overlay is unavailable, can I have demisexual added to this please? :lazeblush:





Coming to terms with my gender identity and sexuality took a few years! Bouncing between genderfluid, non-binary, and transgender it took a long time to figure out who I was, but now I know who I am and who I'm into. I'm proud to be abrosexual and a demiboy.

Edited by Sang

added link to more info for abrosexuality <3
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