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sketchpages hmmMMM


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alrighty so :lazeroll:

i've been itching to do sketchpages!! something i've  never done because i never thought i would be good because i  dont take time to sketch before jumping to the next step haha

But I thought i'd give it a try and see if i could get somewhere with it! :D

I get a bit more inspired when it comes to drawing other's peoples characters instead of mine so boost my creativity ya'll! :D


- Pose inspo/refs are appreciated but not needed <3 

- feel free to give direction if you want certain expressions/etc + any info about your character so i can capture em

- imma be very picky since sketchpages put in WERK !!



These sketchpages will probably be in my sketchy style im trying out!


Z by ymza  50765621_rD5vXnDYAnWslu8.png



If not the sketchy style, then just my normal non-pixel style since i havent done that in a bit since I've worked with pixels!

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- Text: Stevie

Charas: Linking all my mains just in case you’re not comfortable with female designs, furry anthro designs, etc.
- Pose inspo/refs: This or This or any pose from this model tbh they look stunning

- Go absolutely bonkers with expression or whatever you want (Except for Cinn. If you choose him I’d prefer it if he remained  apathetic. Angry would also work)

TYSM for considering and your art is amazing ^^ :bfnosebleed:

Edited by Stevie
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