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Inspired by the Breeze BOOTY DP'S ON HOLD!!!


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-Hello welcome to my free shop-



-It been awhile since last time I posted-


-I’ll give 3 days after posting your wip, after that I’ll change it and sell it-


-Please follow all art haven rules-































Skin #:

Hair ref:

Undie ref:


Background color:

Pet, plushie, etc ref:




















Edited by KissMeBaby0426

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I don’t know if you’re fine with males but if you are I’d love a booty dp of this guy ^^


Name: Stevie

Skin #: 4

Hair ref: since his hair is short it wouldn’t be visible ^^

Undie ref: Link (just these undies but in purple please!)

Pose: N/A , up to you!

Background color: Dark purple or light purple, either one ^^

Pet, plushie, etc ref: I’d love for his rat tail to be in the dp ^^ just above the butt


Thank you so much and I’m sorry for all the confusion! If you’re not comfortable with males I can definitely find another OC to make a form for ^^

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Name: Skynd


Skin #: 4


Hair ref: Long straight, half purple, half black


Undie ref: https://sta.sh/01rdn0hoejul


Pose: https://previews.123rf.com/images/sharpner/sharpner1512/sharpner151200022/50495676-the-girl-who-is-holding-knife-in-his-hand-behind-his-back-and-prepared-to-attack.jpg?fj=1


Background color: light purple


Pet, plushie, etc ref: knife ( same as on the pose)


Ty for considering!!!

Edited by Skynd
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