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Hi! My name is Puff, and I go by Hufflepuff on Imvu.

I have a dp request I would like to get done in different style art.

My taste includes cute, chibi, or anime with wide plump face.


I will decide who I would love to make the art. If I don't choose you I am very very sorry!

This dp means the world to me on a personal level which is why I want it made in many different forms and styles.


It is Naruto themed. I created a cute Naruto outfit on Imvu. I have a Kurama plushie that I sleep with and take to my doctor visits.

Kurama means the world to me and same with Naruto. They give me strength when I feel like I can't get back up because life is cruel. 


So below I will give details:


Text: Puff


Watermark: Hufflepuff


Type: Waist or bust up (I don't want to go past the belly button in this dp)


Animations can be talked about


Sta.sh Very important


Dp size can be 320 x 440 but I need 160 x 220


This dp can be made with different poses as you can see from the stash, along with different backgrounds. Background doesn't have to come from the stash as long as it is Naruto themed or with Nature.


DP EXAMPLE made by Slug 


Max price that I will pay is $45

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Hi there!
Here are some recent display pictures I have done




Base price: $18.00
Additional character: +$9.00
Blinking animation: +$1.00
Blushing animation: +$1.00 
Floating particles: +$2.00

Expression change: +$2.00
Bobbing arms: +$3.00 
Complex scenery backgrounds: +$4.00 


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Hewwo there!! i'll be glad to work with u <3

my prices are:


・::。・::・゚ Animated $35/38 (depending on the complexity of the desired Animations) You can have more than 3 animations per DP, how’s that? Well I’m going to try to animate everything that i can for make it look super cute! This pack always comes with: blink, expression change (if wanted) blush, eye shine, hands movement and whatever you want to add. Just tell me and I’ll let you know if i can do it!


・::。・::・゚ Animated chibi pixel: $25 (it comes with blink, hands movement and expression change)


・::。・::・゚ Still piece (without animations): $30


・::。・::・゚ extra: if the characters have stuffed animals, pets, guns, or etc this would cost 5 usd for each one


・::。・::・゚ Background: Simple: 3 - 5 usd


and some examples are:


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Hello! I do DPS and if you're still looking for variety here are my examples and prices!
sadly I don't do animations for these but I do do pixel art and have been attempting animations recently but my examples don't have animation in them but if you're interested here's a link to my pixel examples: click

Dp Examples

Axel by CyclopsprinceQOTDS by CyclopsprinceKoya by CyclopsprinceAkira by CyclopsprinceToxic1 by Cyclopsprince

DP prices start at: $10
Hands showing: $2
Companion: $2
Detailed background: $5

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