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Art Request - IMVU DP ART!! **credits or paypal**


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White Heart Love GIF by skinmagicianHello lovelies!!White Heart Love GIF by skinmagician


I am looking at buying myself a new display picture with my IMVU avatar!! 


I am willing to pay either 20-30$ via paypal 




I am willing to send you 30-50k credits via IMVU


Here are the basics:

Name wanted: Burgeon 

Theme: Dark/goth/emo/egirl/edgy/punk/alternative/piercings/tattoos/long hair/dark eyes

Background preference: Simple background preferred, but honestly whatever you think best.

Accessories: Piercings, tattoos, necklaces, choker

Size: 160x220

Additional: Also willing to pay more (up to 10$ more or 10k more) for a version with winking/blinking that is correctly optimized as a useable gif (200KB)


Screenshots/references: click hereeee


As of right now, I am looking at working with 2 artists and will perhaps accept more depending on pricing. 


White Heart Love GIF by skinmagicianSLOTSWhite Heart Love GIF by skinmagician


2: -







image.png.ff26a6c2657b8bfd0d53b10704230437.png image.gif.219491e3c18182100fb5598d7e588d36.gif





Edited by Burgeon
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Base price: $18.00
Additional character: +$9.00
Blinking animation: +$1.00
Blushing animation: +$1.00 
Floating particles: +$2.00

Expression change: +$2.00
Bobbing arms: +$3.00 
Complex scenery backgrounds: +$4.00 


Here are some examples of my art!! (160x220 crop)

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this are my prices :blove:


Thanks for consider! :blove:



B/W- 15 usd p/char 


Color - 30 usd p/char 

  Background + 15 usd 

Detailed clothes + 10usd

accesories (depending the complex of this) +/- 15 usd





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 I'd love to give this a try if you consider !!
Sadly I don't do animations rn but I hope it's okay that I still post this :bhaaa:!!




df96qav-21e26d3a-571b-46c1-a619-b756e6dcAxel by CyclopsprinceAdalyah by CyclopsprinceAkira by CyclopsprincePrisoner by Cyclopsprince

Standard DP: $10 USD
Hands showing: extra $2
tattoos, lots of accessories: extra $2
So the total would be around $14 USD c:

Edited by cyclorpz
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Oh my goodness thank you to everyone who would like for me to consider them and leaving examples of their art, honestly so hard to choose who to work with but I think for right now until I am financially capable of buying more I would love to work with the following:


@ dr8n

@ Amy


I will PM you both. 


ty sm to everyone else :lazeshydance:

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On 8/10/2022 at 2:41 AM, Canon said:

Hello ! I decided to take a whack at it, don’t think I’ve done any DP REQUEST in a few years… 

let me know what you think :) 

have a great night !,,,



Thank you so much!!


Really appreciated that you did this for me for free, too kind! I cri :lazecry:

I love it and the approach you took, and the face is very alluring. :)

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