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Practice Needed~


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Hi! I haven't had much time to do art lately, so I'm here to get some practice! 


I will be choosing based off of what inspires me. Any and all help/references are appreciated!

I want to practice a variety of things so results may vary from piece to piece. Please provide as many references as possible.






Song Inspiration! (not required but appreciated!) :

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hello !

Text: mya

References: boop or boop

Name: mya ( or do you mean the oc name? lol I linked both my main ocs + secondary ocs)
Song Inspiration! (not required but appreciated!) : here's a playlist I listen to when drawing if it helps you out: bop bop


thank you for conisdering!! I hope you find inspiration :3


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7 minutes ago, AmethystRose said:

Hi! I just wanted to let you know, the first two OCs you linked, no longer bring me to the OC's pages. ♥

Hi! Yes I will gladly dm you their refs! I made most of my ocs only viewable for authorized users I apologize!

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In case you'd like to practice on some males here's some of my boyfriends characters!

Text: Lambs

References: https://toyhou.se/17653120.lux | https://toyhou.se/15422997.mutton | https://toyhou.se/15852046.kibbles | https://toyhou.se/16403232.tbn

Name: Lambs

You can pick whoever! I can't pick which would be the cutest in your style if you picked any of them :lazecry::lazeblush:

Thank you for the consideration!

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