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Portrait Commission ($)


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Here’s my: Commissions Info





 My commissions are currently open! 



 My style is anime.


 The link has all the information you need!

 The My Website tab has pricing info and terms of service.

 Art examples are also available in the Portfolio tab.




More commission types here:






**If I dm you and your budget is lower than what you wish for from my art it means I can negotiate and I’m offering discounted deals!**


** Prices are base prices but I make exceptions for projects and characters I really like!  **


 So if you have a set budget or something let me know and maybe we can figure something out! 


IMPORTANT: Please read my TOS before commissioning me! 




IMPORTANT: Your name will be public so feel free to use your display name/handle when purchasing.


Make sure to link your character in the description field when prompted so it's easier for me to find and keep in order along with other details! 


 Best of luck!


┗━━━━━° 🌸 °━━━━━┛

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I would like to give this a try if you're still looking! I can do a portrait for you. :k3:

My price range is from $27-$32 depending on the art style that you're looking for. 

You can use my examples as a reference as to what kind of style that you would like me to do. 


You can check my current shop for examples and also my artstation portfolio.


If you have any questions please do ask! 

Let me know what you think!:lazeflirt:

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 8/6/2022 at 10:32 PM, Babyface said:

I'm looking for artists willing to do a portrait commission of myself


Photo will be used for my discord/steam. $ Paying through PayPal


Discussing details through PM

Hello if is still open I'd like to try! I work with semi realism style(my pref) but also anime and cartoonish-
here are some examples of all my styles
and here are the prices!

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hihi would like to try your request . These are my Examples .



Prices : Individual: Bust up : 10 USD / 10K credits Waist up : 20 USD / 20k credits Whole body: 30 USD / 30k credits Couple : Bust up : 15 USD / 15K credits Waist up : 25 USD / 25K credits Whole body : 35USD / 35 credits Others: Animation : additional $5 USD each or 5k credits Complex background: additional $5 USD / 5k credits

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Here are my my prices and samples, and you can find more artworks on here: (@kopy_arts)


Bust Up / 40usd (single) / 75usd (couple)

Waist Up / 60usd (single) / 115usd (couple)

Full body / 90usd (single) / 175usd (couple)


For extra stuff (such as props, pets, animations, and complex backgrounds) the final price can be discussed.




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