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Warm ups. 🥺


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If you've seen me around over the past 10 years you may know I have random mental breakdowns and dissapear sometimes. As usual. I did that. Lol. Looking to do some sketches mostly.


Some maybe be traditional ((I go into work in an hour and typically take a sketchbook.)) But once I get home later I may do a digital one or two too.....or maybe all digital later. It depends on how busy work is but it's Wednesday so.....🤷‍♀️


Anyways. Throw me some references. You can see examples of my work on my page if you need to see them. ❤️

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Here are two of my OCs if you're interested!


Name: Shyanne
References: Maeve
Extras: Maeve is more of a goreish OC if you're into that

Also adding one that's not gore and kinda cutesy


Name: Shyanne
References: Daisy
Extras: Daisy is a spoiled bimbo and loves all things pink.


Artistic freedom is also encouraged <3

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Hi beautiful! Welcome back! 

We missed you! :)


I hope you only consider me, if you truly plan on allowing yourself to have fun w/ your talent! ;)


Text: Tasia / Taz ♡

(You can add the heart, or don't! However, could you please add the watermark Tasia)


Stash RL: Clicku


Thank you in advance love for your time, talent, and hard work! I appreciate the consideration.  


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