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[FULL] experimental freebies


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This freebies thread is FULL

I am not considering anymore forms. Forms posted will be ignored


Helloo everyone!

I need samples and practice so I can potentially open a custom shop

I will be extremely experimental - you may get a chibi, half body, anime/realism style etc.



- If I decide to draw you then I'll DM you with art

- I will randomly close this thread when I feel like I've drawn enough

- No couples

- Galleries so I can see all your characters are welcome

- I may draw more than 1 of your characters

- No DP crops or text


My Art




Post away! :byaslove:


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flowerr.png.7a29ac2c6d0249c9c6f8b5ada30979f7.png Name: Miyuka and a version with character's name (if that's okay!) 

flowerleaf.png.6f46224b5186d5149d6eb71631c19789.png References: 

flowerp.png.271a4e6c8e328a32296adcfb5bda275b.png Background: I honestly don't mind artistic freedom as long as bg is fitting for character! 

flowerleaf.png.6f46224b5186d5149d6eb71631c19789.png Other: I hope at least one or a few of my OCs might interest you but no worries if not! Thank you so much for considering and goodluck with getting more samples and practice:byaslove:

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