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critique? pricing? pwes <:'3c


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if any of you know how to draw bgs with characters regardless of crop (bustwise and portraitwise) please help me :lazeroll:hoiiii im here to ask some questions

i know i got a freebie thread to practice -- to figure out my weak spots with subjects outside of my comfort zone but... what would you recommend i do for learning things as a selftaught artist?

any book recommendations for the notsoliterate? i love andrew loomis and have a few of his that i need to go over more than just a skim but...

any recommendations for readings on color theory, composition, line weight, and portraying volume/depth in painting and lining?


id love to attack my weakness in anatomy and perspective (esp. when it comes to contorting the length and angle of limbs and facial features/head and neck ratio/angle when changing the viewpoint...)

but... one step at a time ofc.


how do you recommend learning color mixing? at the moment im just flying by on very basic (skewed) knowledge and barely know anything besides from observation, which was very light study haha.

i know i have a lot to learn, and am definitely willing to let my pride step back for a bit for some wellneeded critique. so, lay it on me please, if you don't mind and would be so kind... from my gallery here on arthaven and even deviantart.


what would you say i need to work on the most -- and just as any good criticism needs to hold any salt, please tell me what i should be reading and how to properly study in a reasonable manner.


and then there's the daunting question that drains me at the mere thought but... how much is my art worth, and how much is the maximum i can make on it? the minimum it can be sold for?

even this: is it sellable at all?

please don't go easy on me but have some weight in that water by helping me please and not a hit and run of lukewarm advice... i need the truth if i want to improve!

be mean if you have to but gosh darn please let me know the what and the why!

i've been drawing so long and definitely don't wanna quit any time soon!


thank you!

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