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LF Couple Commission (Ideally big art)


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Hi, me and my friend are looking for a couple/friend piece of our ocs together ideally semi-realism style but open to most styles! As for specifics, we'd like bust or half body with a background and ideally big art but also willing to look @ dp art even though neither of us use IMVU so it's kinda pointless.

Our budget is $50-$60 USD. Just post your own forms below with examples and prices! ^^


My ochttps://toyhou.se/14245117.-jay-
Alt outfit: https://sta.sh/01wo35efrh9n

Their ochttps://toyhou.se/16756801.jinx
Alt outfit: https://sta.sh/0vauf2tmwzt

Pose idea: https://sta.sh/01vfuebciis8
Background idea: https://sta.sh/0gzea9iip00

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