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AI generated art made by an AI


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Do you want some free AI generated art? You're in the right place!


This is fully done by an AI. I only make very minimal changes by editing and repainting these.

If you want to get something that resembles your OC post only simple OCs with not a lot of specific details please.

Instead of posting an OC you can also describe a character in texts and I'll attempt to generate your vision!


Here are some examples:

Styles may vary.

image.png.253326ce1fc921d37f4a71e831fbcb4d.png image.png.3f375e11da38b8f8f407022f27a7b392.png image.png.8b02042b94a17283f77460f17667fb0f.png image.png.457d1d9ad61e853048952a5b3b3a9209.png image.png.ce6fd321cb36464f4849699c86c902ff.png





Details (not many pls):


Edited by AI_generated
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32 minutes ago, AI_generated said:

I couldn't get the hair right.. is there a name for this hairstyle?

Best I could do is a guy with short hair wearing a green jacket :lazetears:






These are amazing!!! Thank you honestly I love ot as is. It's a good style for him

Edited by Ghibli
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I hope you only consider me, if you truly plan on allowing yourself to have fun w/ your talent! ;)



Text:  Tasia / Taz ♡
(You can add the heart, or don't! However, could you please add the watermark Tasia)

Details: Afro, Natural, Melanated, Black Girl Magic

References: Clicku < me

OCs: Clicku

Screenies: (Can include hair): Clicku

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  • 2 weeks later...

Seems like an interesting thing~ thanks for the consideration!



Text: Wolfy Luna

OC: https://toyhou.se/17564121.luna-/gallery

Details (not many pls): Would be good if it looked atleast a bit like her, I think she is simple~ she is a white/arctic wolf kemonomimi. If nothing turns out good maybe the AI can spit out some good looking blue eyed arctic/white wolf :3


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