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taking one for practice (open)


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hihihi i just need to make a dp sample in this style and need a little practice doing so, as i wanna open a shop soon !

im going to say fem presenting designs and ocs only please as this style works best for them!,

have a full reference /half body reference i will not be going off 100 folders of details for free.

im ok with all body types. just lmk a good expression/pose or at least

a little about them so i can pose them accordingly. not first come first serve, 💖 



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I hope you only consider me, if you truly plan on allowing yourself to have fun w/ your talent! ;)


Text: Tasia / Taz ♡

(You can add the heart, or don't! However, could you please add the watermark Tasia) 

Ref Collection: Dealer's Choice



Thank you in advance love for your time, talent, and hard work! I appreciate the consideration.  ♥

Edited by Tasia
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