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Introduce yourself!


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Skeleton Dance GIF by Leannimator

Hello there fellow human.

Who exactly are you?

Go ahead, I have all the time in the underworld.


Short Intro (ideas)


Age (can be avoided):




What do you come on ArtHaven for?

What would you like to see in this lil club? 





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I might as well start :fingerguns:

Name/nickname: Ven

Age (can be avoided): 25

Hobbies: Drawing digital +animation, traditional, cooking, swimming, hiking, tarot and witchy stuff, watching movies, lol.

Likes: Everything shiny and glitterish, horror in general, psychological movies, cats, dogs, turtles, plants and flowers, carrot cake, autumn and halloween!! 

Dislikes: parsley, bicycles 

What do you come on ArtHaven for? I mostly open up shops and sell, usually customs but right now trying out premades. I wish it would be more social 

What would you like to see in this lil club?: People being active! 

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