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trying a new style ! ◦ ʚɞ


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3 minutes ago, Cannibalism said:



 refs: are rl refs could i dm bb <3

✧ the aesthetic: halloween matching couple

✧ pose: freedom

✧ text: will dm it





✧ the aesthetic: cutesy zombie who LOVES bunnies

✧ pose: holding her bunny

✧ text: Vivi 💖


hi der ! yes you can dm me <3

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Hello dere ;u; giving a shot at this, considering I don’t have artsu of me and Daddy yet~ :aww:



 refsUs Boop Boop xx xx

✧ the aesthetic: xx xx Oo Bop like old 90’s anime, Sailor moon e.x. :cuteok:

✧ pose: As similar as possible to dis with a lil smirk on us both  :byaslove:

✧ text: Joel & Annanas

veri pleased if you use your artistic freedom as well, I adore your style :klovee:

(Lil side note, I am currently puwple haired, and boyo has a lil shorter hair now and he is taller than me ^^.)


Faaaanks for considering uwu


Sailor Moon Love GIF

Edited by Skizzeroo

Minor added details
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Hello Darlin'




✧ the aesthetic: every album has it's own. 

✧ pose: also in each album

✧ text: tas / tasia 


extras?: artistic freedom 


 refsa girl and her cats / x

✧ the aesthetic: furbabies

✧ pose: like in the pics, pr however u see fit

✧ text: tas / tasia 


extras?: artistic freedom 

Thank you

Edited by Tasia
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✧ refs: I'm gonna leave a selfie if that's alright [just delete the space Inbetween https]

https ://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1006222235910025237/1008527096680808518/Snapchat-976008259.jpg

https ://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1006222235910025237/1008529220827369492/Snapchat-298153740.jpg


✧ the aesthetic: alt goth


✧ pose: I'd prefer him holding a Nintendo switch


✧ text: Niriasha 



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