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Simple female humanoid Character for practice


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I'm offering my OC/Persona for anyone who wants to practice with a (more or less) simple female humanoid (kemonomimi) Character ♡

You can find all her references, including different outfits (you are free to choose in which of her outfits you want to draw her), here: https://toyhou.se/17564121.luna-/gallery


I still have to protect me and my character so here are a few general rules:


Don't draw my character in a sexual way (Including but not limited to: being fully nude or having private parts uncovered, having sex with another character/person, fetishes, etc.) without my permission.


Don't draw hate art (Including but not limited to: bullying, racism, insulting, etc.) of my character.


Don't claim my Character as your own or someone elses.


Don't use my Character for any purpose other than creating art for me (Including but not limited to: using them for Roleplay, face-claiming them, stealing, referencing, kinning, Posting any artwork featuring them if you are not the artist or have atleast one Character in the same artwork, Draw my Character interacting with other Characters without my Permission, Making and Selling merch of my Character, Sending them as reference to anyone, claiming you designed them, etc.).


Don't leave out my Credit as Character owner and please keep posted Artworks watermarked to avoid art and character theft.


Obviously I don't take any art for granted so if you do end up choosing to use my Character for practicing I will greatly appreciate any time and effort you put into creating something. 

If you did make something of my character I would love to get it send to me via private message or e-mail so that I can upload it to my Characters toyhouse (please tell me which of your social media's I should credit) and of course you can upload your art using my character as examples of your art etc. but please do remember to credit me as the Character owner and to watermark it to avoid theft :3

I wish everyone lots of fun and success on their art journey ♡


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