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I got a few Pokemon OCS :)


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If you wanna take a shot at one of em go ahead, i think it's good practice.   

You can draw em in any situation as long as you don't add nsfw, because its pokemon and nsfw is ew. I'll give you the names of them all if you want-

Topaz- vaporeon

Fortis- kabutops

Citrine- yamper

Sulphur- houndoom/alohan ninetails

Ty-Ty- typhlosoion

Vhent- magcargo/muk

Vanilla- absol

Snake- stanler/sawsbuck

Ignis- beedril/charmeleon

Bean- beautifly

Latte- umbreon ghost

Icicle- snom/swampert

Messi- zeraora

Crepusculum- zoroark


As I said you don't have to draw any of them but please do if you think that your up for the challenge!










Edited by MaddiWinni

Adding more oc
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