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[closed] flat color sketches


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hello! I'm opening 3 slots for flat colored sketches, please post your forms below c:

ill accept characters that I feel would help me develop my style, so it will not be first come first serve, thank you!



character references:

main details:

extra (n/a if none):

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character references: Dara

main details: all in sta.sh 

extra (n/a if none): if needing pose ideas just holding the penguin stuffie and if neededing text Dara, artistic freedom is always welcome
tysm for considering

Edited by Ghibli
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character references: Mutton | Kibbles | (Warning he's a lil spooky - Clown themed) Artery | Lux |

main details: Honestly, if any of them happen to inspire you just go crazy! You're free to do whatever you want <3 Artistic freedom! Just keep in the color scheme please if chosen!

extra (n/a if none): For Text please use Lambs!

Thank you for the consideration. :aww:

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