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simple art for 15 DOLLARS *4 slots AVAILABLE*


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my name is s0ara0h, better known as sarah. i'm 22 years old, and i'm opening this forum today to inform you that i'm going to do a drawing commission for 15 dollars. i don't have a portfolio, but you can check my artistic style on my profile page. i will communicate in english, because it is better. but i am brazilian, and since my understanding of the language is basic, i would appreciate if you don't use abbreviations when talking to me, because it makes my understanding more difficult. thank you.




i will make a drawing of a character of your taste. the drawing, which will be simple, refers to an illustration of your character up to the bust, in base colours. 


what do i need as an artist to do it? reference images of your character containing the pose, the costume, the hairstyle, the eye colour or any other feature you think is important to highlight in the drawing. 


how will it be sent? as an artist, what are my requirements? the drawing is digital. for example, if i draw it as a 500x500 file and save it as a jpeg or png, that's how you'll receive it. what you do with it once you receive it is up to you. i have no preferences in this regard, so by paying for the drawing you are free to do whatever you want with it. 


what do i draw? as the drawing will be simple, i only accept one character per person. no landscapes. at the moment i do not draw furry characters, and depending on the complexity of your character's appearance, you can combine on the details in private conversation with me and i will check if it is within my power to accept the service or not.



  • payment by paypal

  • once your order has been accepted, the design will begin. 

  • in case of withdrawal, there will be NO REFUNDS, so please be absolutely sure you want to work with me before you pay. 

  • for security reasons, the design will not start until i confirm that the money has been received. once paid, please contact me with your design requirements. 

  • i have a limit on changes to my design, i will accept a maximum of two changes, after which i will refuse to accept them.

  • all the orders i receive here, will be used by me as samples in my portfolio. please note that by accepting to commission a design from me, you grant me the image rights to your character so that i can use it as a sample of my art style with other clients.


if you have any questions or requests, please let me know. i will do my best to answer them, or at least try to. but don't be shy, dialogue between customer and dealer is necessary. however, please be respectful and careful with your words so i can do the same with you.


if you are not interested in a commission, but know someone who is... i ask you to redirect your friend to this forum page so he can get to know me. it would be a great help, thank you in advance.


To start with, I have 4 slots available. If all goes well, I will open more soon (but will communicate first). Comment below with your questions (if you have any) and if you are interested in ordering from me.



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