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Temp. free customs (No longer accepting!)


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♥ Temporary free customs ♥




♥ Rules & ToS ♥

♥ You cannot trace/steal/franken doll any art! ♥
♥ You will not get art without a watermark. ♥

♥ Do not spam forms.  One per person. ♥

No couples, they will be ignored!
ONE character reference only.  Any forms that give me a list of more than one character will be ignored.
♥ I won't be choosing everyone, just ones that spark inspo! ♥
♥ This is temporary, as I want new examples for my shop. ♥
♥ Your piece may or may not take a few weeks.  I do not prioritize art over my real life.

♥ Only colored or patterned backgrounds. ♥

♥ I will not be supplying W.I.PS or letting you know that your character has been chosen.  You will know once the art is done and sent out. ♥ 

♥ You will get a 608 x 812 and 160 x 220 crop. ♥

♥ Depending on if I think your art would look cute with or without animations, they will be added.   They cannot be requested. ♥

♥ The art will be posted to social media! ♥












♥ Form ♥



Background color/pattern:



Edited by Owoce
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Thank you so much for the chance!


♥ Form ♥

Reference: https://toyhou.se/17564121.luna-/gallery (It's only one character but I'm not sure if that still breaks the rule of only one reference since I sent her gallery for picking an outfit if you end up choosing her and want to pick a different than her main one - sorry if it does, just in case I added her main ref + outfit below)

Text: WolfyLuna

Background color/pattern: Black Background with Pink Hearts pattern


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12 hours ago, CountingSheep said:

Oh you know my boyfriend and I are an absolute sucker for your art-

♥ Form ♥

Reference: Lux

Text: Lambs

Background color/pattern: Completely up to you <3 Whatever looks good in your opinion!
Thank you for the consideration!

Here you go!  I had a hard time drawing the tentacles and goggles, so I left them out for this piece.  I hope you like it nonetheless!


160 x 220



608 x 812


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oml the cuteness is killing me :ooooo:❤️❤️I wasn't able to catch up cuz ur coms were closed when i checked before so i'm def late LOL.  but always loving ur art, they are unique💗 
♥ Form ♥
Reference: https://ibb.co/0VML4dk (mee lol)
Text: nics
Background color/pattern: anything <3

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Hi everyone!  I'm looking through all of your characters and seeing which ones I want to do the most.
I love them all but unfortunately I don't have time to do every single one that I get.  
Please remember that all forms submitting more than one character will be ignored!

I have also gotten continuous messages, friend requests, and adds outside of this topic and outside of ArtHaven hoping that people will get solid spots. You will not.  Anyone who attempts to reach me in regards of "unlimited temporary free slots" will be declined or ignored.

Edited by Owoce
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