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Hey there!

Call me nat, I'm an avid 3d model poser!Β 

Have used both blender and xnalara to pose models for 5 years or so now!:idancefroggu:


I would like to offer my ability to make poses! for whatever it is you need.


I offer, custom avis, couple poses, or a single pose for furnitures (currently i'm not able to make custom poses with props with the imvu toolkit, this option will be available soon!) and maybe i'll make custom posepack once i figured out on how to work that haha.:lazedances:

if you need examples please PM me and i will hand you some of my recent pose works!


I can go from simple poses, to action or sexy poses!


RULES! (because we need them hahaha)

- General Art Haven Rules apply!

- Want to be a creator who sells poses but can't make poses? I'm willing to be your go to posemaker to sell on the shop, if you're interested please PM me!

- if you would like an ap pose/avi please make your request through PM

- Orders take up from 1-5 days (depending on my availability, though it would take only a few hours for a single avi (one stand and sitting pose) (excluding peer review time).

- Depending on the complexity, the price may increase (I will give you the fix price after looking at the references and the type of your order)

- please be as specific as you can be when putting down a description for the pose. (pictures works the best)

- You may pay once i have the poses finalized and ready for submitting.


PRICES (kofi and credits only)

custom avi (one sitting and standing pose)

- open for sale! 7k-10k / $3-$5

- Exclusive! 12k-15k / $6-$7.5

-Display OnlyΒ  20k/$10

AP AVIS has these prices as base (i will have to get the props you wear to make sure it doesn't clip)


Couple Poses (includes two spots)

- open for sale! 12k-15k / $6-$7.5

- Exclusive! 17k-20k / $8-$10

- Display Only 30k/$15


If you would like to, you can pay half on usd and half on credits!



Your type of order: (avi or couple pose, or custom)

Type of submission: (open for sale, exclusive or display only)

how many order: (max 5 per order)

References for the pose: (put your links here)

Extra Details: (put your description here about your order.)

type of payment: (kofi or credits or both)


Now that's all from me and I hope you will like my service!Β :bfthumbsup:

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