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Hello all, my name is Jasmine!

I am an artist that specializes in semi-realism artwork

I am also now offering IMVU screen edits now as well!

I recently edited a picture and had a lot of fun as it

reminded me when I was a young artiste starting out

It's been a while since I've made a shop but I am currently sitting on plenty of free time,

so I've decided to finally make a semi-permanent shop!

Table and fancy shop courtesy of my boyfriend because even after all these years,

I still do not UNDERSTAND THEM


(also I ordered these banners a longggg time ago, some of you may recognize them from a shop long, long ago...

however I forgot who made them for me, so unfortunately no credit is where credit is due.

If you are the artist who made these for me PLS PM me! I will credit you)






- All ArtHaven rules 

- All payments to be made via Paypal invoice

- All payments are to be made in US dollars

- No refunds

- Payment is to be received before I start on your piece

(for Display Picture, IMVU, and Larger Art only)

- For IMVU edits, you get exactly what is in the screenshot, no add-ons or references needed (so make sure you include what you want in the picture on the screen!)

- You receive a text and textless version

- Bigger art pieces are required to pay half first, half later. Can pay in full as bribe.

- Larger pieces can take up to 1-3 months to complete, depending on complexity.

- Reselling/trading/editing my artwork is NOT permitted.

- Adding/changing text is allowed.

- I reserve the right to decline any forms/posts 

- I reserve the right to use any of my artwork as examples (will use watermarks)

- I will offer WIP every so often - please do NOT hesitate to let me know if you need any changes! I want you to be as happy as possible with your piece. If something's not sitting right, say so! I do not mind. ♥

- I like it when references are sent to me in album form (like sta.sh or imgur), but not necessary. (If you don't put it in an album, please use a spoiler)

- If you're not comfortable including your email in the form, please PM me your email :cutehehehaaas:

- If you have any other questions, do let me know!




- Any gender

- I now accept furries/anthros





- Mecha

- Fan art

- Animals (with the exception of snakes)

- Animations


-Excessive gore





Display Picture (160x220) - $60USD

(Couples are $100USD)

Larger Art (320x440) - $90USD

(Couple is $130USD)

Bust/Portraits (1748x2480) - $450USD

Waist/Thigh Up ('') - $650USD

Full Body ('') - $1200USD

Couples are available for Display and Larger Art ONLY




IMVU screen edits (160x220 ONLY) - $20USD

(Couples are $30)




My ArtStation

My Twitter













(For Normals)

Text & watermark:




(For IMVU edits)

Text & watermark:







Edited by Trash
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3 hours ago, Incendiary said:

Welcome back! So excited to finally have art by you omg :uncunceunce:


Text & watermark: Anne WM: Incendiary

References: My persona, would really love something that gives dark academia vibes

Extras: Display picture 
Email: [email protected]


I would love to accept, however your ToyHouse link isn't working? :d8:


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1 hour ago, Pey said:

Hello, my love!


Text & watermark: Pey

References: click

Extras: all should be in the stash! You don't have to do a pose with the knife, feel free to change something up! I'd like a DP sized, please!
Email: [email protected]

Accepted! Invoice sent! :lazeroll: So excited to be working on your lady!!

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