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Practiceeee ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ


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Hihello~! :kwave:

I'm here to zoom through and hopefully get some practice in as I have been quite rusty. :kcheeks:

My goal is to get some practice, be consistent & find a style :kmeh:, and have more examples to use.

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to come through and even post a form!

If you guys have any feedback please do not hesitate to let me know~


Please note:

1. Not everyone may receive an art piece.

I'll mainly work through what catches my inspo and skip around. :blush:

2. I will be choosing which style I do.

I have a few art styles I want to practice on so some people might get a non-colored sketch,

flat-colored sketch, pixel chibi, or even something new I want to try.

3. Feel free to post however many OCs you want but please link them if possible!

I will not make an OC for you based off refs, please have an OC already made with finished art! :bhee:

4. Please understand that I'll be working on this during my free time.

5. I may or may not add animations! Depends on the style I'm doing and if I'm inspired enough. :cuteok:


My Carrd for my full TOS:



But some basic rules: 

No stealing pls :klmao:

Follow Art Haven TOS and Mine.

When filling out a form you agree to my TOS

and acknowledge that any art received will be for personal use only!




My Art Examples:

I may practice different things too!

Do note that you may or may not receive something similar to these - I'm still trying to be consistent with this :kmeh:


Pixel Chibi



please do not steal.




Chibi Icon (also the style I use for drawn emotes):




Non-Colored Sketches / Flat-Colored Sketches.



please do not steal.















Finished Art From Here:




For Bun: 



For Miyuka:

For Pains:



For Nessasweet:






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