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Dreamy Collection (3/3)


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Hello guys and welcome to my free shop! 


Basically I just want to draw and have fun.

I cannot draw as often as I used to but a few display pictures is possible for me to make each month.

I hope to see your order for me to practice and have fun with. AND please do not resell the art I make.


I prefer to outgo from a screenshot, if you don't have one I will create one as base. Art made in this shop is repaint/made from scratch c:

If you would like to send a tip/donation click here. It is optional of course!



- General rules/guidelines by ArtHaven applys in this shop.

- Do not resell any art you order here.

- Yes, you may order for a friend.

- You can order every other month (gives everyone that wants to order a fair chance)

- I have the right to say 'no'.









1. LaBambi

2. KirsChie

3. LitaLK


Art made in this practice shop


November 2022

Jocey.png.e47949df38fe4eb02106abfa7c18732f.png iiharlu.png.d7688ef56a0b6c4d73cbd1b3f92cd296.png toffii.png.1b8877c27ad57c4b8b26f12f489feb52.png Nessasweet.png.fad0ab2403e5379758a90780af41496c.png

December 2022

LitaLK.png.843e17fe579526bbd42157efe35d80bf.png Hiroki.png.a37ee1683e067a0e053e5dda0e44cdf6.png iiHarlu2.png.f1ebf17a388e17a59d0339384fc07dc7.png Vanilla2.png.72c42fdd73b0e3c38d822581e4611dfa.png

January 2023

Velura.png.d4d6f038c9e6d6835ddffd78c0d3738d.png Certainly.png.74fb81bdcf4b2a68cc047d4b09b43025.png


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3 hours ago, Jocey said:


Text: Jocey

Watermark: none 

Screenie/Refs: https://sta.sh/21drdw99a0k1?edit=1 Artist freedom ~ (Just ask for kawaii stuff like sanrio, ect)

Thank you for considering ! 

cute anime GIF

Do you have a screenie of her? Would really like to use that as a base. Or is it okay if I create one based on your refs?

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  • Ansicte changed the title to Experiment and practice PU: Jocey & iiHarlu
  • Ansicte changed the title to Experiment and practice PU: Jocey
  • Ansicte changed the title to Dreamy Collection (3/3)

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