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☁️ Sleepy Treats ☁️ // art shop | NEW PREMADE


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·̩̩̥͙**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ SLEEPY TREATS ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙


Welcome in to my little art shop!

It's been a couple years since I've been active on here so I figured

I'd give it a shot again! (since twitter & elon makes me cri)

Here's what to expect:

This shop will mainly be for me to post premades/YCHs a couple times a month.
There might be commission slots opening in the future but for now

I am just going to stick with this at first!




◇─◇──◇─── ──◇──◇─◇



1) All AH rules apply.
2) No refunds.
3) Paypal only (USD).
4) No NFTs/Ai.
5) Do not steal/edit/claim.
6) Do not trace my work.
7) No resells.
8) Payment upfront.
9) Read my ToS.
10) Let me know due dates.


◇─◇──◇─── ──◇──◇─◇






F1:  $25

[160x220 Size]


◇─◇──◇─── ──◇──◇─◇









◇─◇──◇─── ──◇──◇─◇

> Premade Name:
> Text:
> Paypal Email:
> Total:


◇─◇──◇─── ──◇──◇─◇

Thanks for visiting!

If you have any questions please feel free to DM me!

tiers 2.png



Edited by Naptime

New Premade
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  • Naptime changed the title to ☁️ Sleepy Treats ☁️ // art shop (NEW PREMADE)
  • Naptime changed the title to ☁️ Sleepy Treats ☁️ // art shop (NEW PREMADE!)
  • Naptime changed the title to ☁️ Sleepy Treats ☁️ // art shop (PRICE REDUCE)

 :cutehehehaaas: BUMP :cutehehehaaas:


Note: Please take note that I will be traveling soon.
This means that I will be slow / unavailable for sales from:

December 3rd til December 7th


If you would like to purchase a premade at all during this period

please send me a DM to claim the piece and I will hold it for you until I am available.


Thank you!

- Napdraws


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  • Naptime changed the title to ☁️ Sleepy Treats ☁️ // art shop // SALE
  • 2 weeks later...
On 12/26/2022 at 11:02 AM, Albedo said:

> Premade Name: BLUE BAT
> Text: Petsie
> Paypal Email: [email protected]
> Total: 15 $

It's gift for a friend~

> Premade Name: DARE DEVIL
> Text: Ali
> Paypal Email: [email protected]
> Total: 15 $


It's gift for a friend~


Invoice has been sent for both pieces.

Please DM me proof of payment & once it is received I will send you the files!

Happy Holidays!

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  • Naptime changed the title to ☁️ Sleepy Treats ☁️ // art shop | NEW PREMADE

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