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Mimi's Premade Shop! (3) [Lowered Prices]


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Hello there! 
I have been gone for a loooong long time, and since my art block finally seemed to have been disappearing a bit I've been taking advantage of that and been trying to get myself back into doing what makes me happy; art! For now I'm only doing premades to slowly step back into it, (but if you /really/ want a custom piece from me feel free to ask and I can give it a shot for you!)

Rules are simple!:

- Payment first, premade after!

- All payments must be made through PayPal (I don't accept Credits, I don't play IMVU anymore)

- Most premades might be put out as sketches first so that the buyer can pick their colors and so minor adjustments can be made. Once piece is lined and/or colored adjustments can't be made anymore! Unless if it's color adjustments, I might still be able to change that up.

- (Not a rule, but you're always more than free to give me ideas of what kind of premades you'd like to see next! <3)

- Prices ARE negotiable! If a piece is up for sale but you find the price too high?; Let me know, we might be able to discuss a price we'll both be comfortable with! <3


All premades will be likely DP-sized, but I will be providing a bigger canvas piece as well if that's something you'd prefer!


Premades up for sale:





Name Premade: ''Showin' the Goods

Price: 6 EURO's

Premade style: Body DP, already fully colored and shaded.

Premade includes: DP version and big version! Noise and without noise.




Name Premade: ''<3''

Price: 6 EURO's

Premade style: Will be fully colored, likely flat shaded and of course; lined!


Name Premade: ''Sweater Weather''

Price: 5 EURO's

Premade style: Will be fully colored, likely flat shaded and of course; lined!





Name premade:

Price premade: 

Colors that you want: (Like the colors for the hair, skin, clothes, etc.)

Extra's and/or changes?: 



Will try to make the shop look fancier later on! :lazeshyplz:

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  • Mimgu changed the title to Mimi's Premade Shop! (2)
  • Mimgu changed the title to Mimi's Premade Shop! (3)
  • Mimgu changed the title to Mimi's Premade Shop! (3) [Lowered Prices]

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