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♥ Hay's Art Shop ♥


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Hay's Art Shop

Welcome! My name is Hailey and my art is mostly portraits/anime style with my own twist! 

I've been a digital artist for nearly 12 years now and would love to get back into commissions!



Do not Claim or resell my art in any way shape or form.

Please be patient, If your request is out of my skill range pls be understanding.

You may post on other socials just credit me @ Haileyhayart or @ Haylayly.

Payment must be sent after you've approved the sketch and no refunds after that process has been completed! Thank you very much ♥



Chibi Full body

$20 USD

Anime Bust up

$35 USD

chibi.thumb.png.a58665100be9cea2a2082ec2b0128ecf.png 883950671_dtiysigmrsbutterd.thumb.png.68b2c483a99930b256911ea225566e02.png

Anime Waist up

$45 USD

Anime Half


1667491151_hrdrawinggary.thumb.png.8bd52a89d73f7b7a5142939253c8361d.png 308838668_dtiysfairygirl.thumb.png.7cabaebac5a3f244987db00e2151a3ac.png

Anime Full Body

$80 USD


Background $10 USD

Animals/Plushies $5 USD Each

Extra person x2 base price

Animation $5 per 

(Blinking, Waving, Blush etc)

Dp crop Free










Payment Method: 



Payment Methods

Cashapp is preferred $Haylayly

Paypal @fireprincess98








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