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retroGAG Shop - New items! 1/31/23


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banner by @ Verula

Hello! Welcome to my shop<3

My name is Grace, and I love funky fashion.

I really appreciate your time to look! I'm always making jewelry and

crafts, but was too shy to sell. I'm finally taking the step forward to

put myself & craft out there.

I hope you love them!


I mostly make earrings and chokers, however I'll dabble all over!

I collect a lot of nostalgia/vintage items, which is the inspiration behind

my items. 

Please feel welcome to comment or message me with questions or 

anything : )


Payment is in USD, and made through Paypal.

All orders over $25 get free shipping!

I ship from inside the US, from a smoke-free home.

All items are re-cleaned before being packaged and sent.

Buyers will receive tracking number & ETA.

If you want more images of something, you may certainly 

ask and I will provide more! I will also wear something if you

want to see how something looks on. Just message me!

Please examine pictures. Since I upcycle, some vintage 

materials have blemishes/scratches from past homes.


Paypal here!


ITEMS FOR SALE CONTENTS: Jewelry, Clothes/Bags, Clayface stuffed animals/ Bag pals

Click on images to see them closer. Please visit HERE to see unedited, full resolution of the images for a better look!





earrings, chokers, necklaces, bracelets

All available! Anything sold with be removed from listings. the words in "quotations" is the title!


- All are Hypoallergenic & include earring backs.

Picsart 22-11-09 09-18-29-047 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-07 12-27-31-021 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-07 12-20-41-996 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-09 12-19-18-305 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-09 12-09-23-022 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-09 12-14-51-994 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-09 12-26-46-214 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-09 15-36-41-876 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-07 08-46-01-123 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-07 12-13-03-885 by ymza






Picsart 22-12-05 12-06-55-470 by ymza


Picsart 22-12-05 12-11-01-002 by ymza


Picsart 22-12-05 12-14-22-351 by ymza


Picsart 22-12-05 12-17-54-811 by ymza


Picsart 22-12-05 12-21-21-178 by ymza


Picsart 22-12-05 12-24-28-560 by ymza


Picsart 22-12-05 12-26-40-864 by ymza









Chokers / Necklaces

-Chokers are currently made from fake leather premade chokers, and designed by me

Picsart 22-11-09 19-37-01-338 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-09 09-09-19-341 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-09 19-35-10-506 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-10 12-43-10-146 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-10 12-49-03-664 by ymza






-All are made from scratch and on elastic band to fit any wrist

Picsart 22-11-10 12-51-40-652 2 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-10 12-52-46-903 2 by ymza


Pxl 20221106 224252607 2 by ymza


Pxl 20221106 224235549 2 by ymza


Pxl 20221106 224047210 2 by ymza










- Came from a Harley figure that has swappable heads!




















"Made U Scream"


- Came from  horror figures that have  swappable heads!

- Ghostface & Jason Voorhees


















"Me on Thanksgiving"


-Both are originally plastic toys

-Teeth have clear coating to make it shine like a real mouth!















"Freddy n Chica"


-Made from mystery FNAF figures

-Perfect for pizza nights!















"Never too Old for Toys!"


-From Polly Pocket & Pinkie Pie toys

-Pinkie has a bit of weight. I would not recommend if you only ever wore studs/small earrings















"Polly Pocket"


-Made from Polly Pockets, ofc!

-Rubber clothing & fake hair















"Purple Pals"


-Fashionista hippo toy & eggplant

-What a groovy combo



















"Fish Are Friends"


-Both have clear backs. The bag is clear, and the bowel 'water' is clear. They are just on a yellow background.

-Fish in bag has plastic material at the top that you can move












"Spring Feeling"


-Despite their bigger appearance, they are extremely light weight!

-Made from Easter tree ornaments










"Spring Vibes"


-Despite their bigger appearance, they are extremely light weight!

-Made from Easter tree ornaments












"Burger Buddies"


-Large & lightweight

-Felt material

-All food have smiles : )

-Upcycled from ornaments


















"Prehistoric Pals"


-Large & lightweight

-Felt material

-Upcycled from ornaments





















"Let's Gamble"


-Large & lightweight plush dice

-Plastic bowling pin

-Fishhook backing















"Caught Up in You"


-Cobweb is sparkly resin

-Spider is brass. Stud is plastic

-Cobweb is fishhook backing. Spider is a stud

















"Spooky All Year"


-Cobweb is sparkly resin

-Skeleton hand is plastic with a holographic shine

-Fishhook backing



















"Furry Friends Fur-ever"


-Fishhook backings with dangle

-Made from LPS toys & accessories












"Wanna Be at the Ducking Beach"


-Rubber duckie with plastic bead decor

-Large leightweight inflated plastic floatie

-Floatie is on gold chain to dangle

-Fishhook backing
















"Afternoon Snack"


-Gummy bears are made from resin

-Milk bottle and beads are plastic

-Cotton pom pom at end of milk

-fishhook earrings















"Batty About You"


-Sparkly black resin bats

-Fishhook backing




















"Flower Friends"


-LPS earrings

-Ladybug use to light up, but no longer does

-Butterfly has dangle caterpillar friend

















"Costume Party"


-Upcycled from Barbies

-Doll hair and clothes. This may irritate some people's skin

-They have some weight. Not recommended for those who only wear studs

















"Birds of a Feather"


-LPS earrings

-2 tier


















"Peachy Pairs"

$6 for 2/pair

-Choose 2 fruits of your own choice!

-Each letter corresponds with the fruit (ex: F-Banana)

-Only 1 one of each fruit












"Killer Vibez"


-Made from a fake leather choker with metal details.

-Buckle closure

-Features Jason & Sam, a blooy cleaver & heart with knife through it














"Batman's Enemies"


-Fake leather choker with button closure. Features metal spikes, chains and accents.

-Has ManBat, Joker, Penguin, Scarecrow, Riddler & Killer Croc









"Kitty Power"


- Clear plastic choker with metal O-ring and spikes

-Button closure

-Features kitty Littlest Pet Shops


















"Furry Pals"


-Faux leather material with black metal accents

-Buckle closure

-Features Littlest Pet Shop toys. Skunk has a flocked tail














"Greyscale Cuties"


-Made from scratch!

-On wire band and decorated with plastic and metal beads.

-Lobster claw closure

-Features littlest pet shop toys











"Freaky Fabulous"


-Faux leather choker

-Features Monster High doll heads and plastic charms

-Charms are removeable/ interchangable

-Buckle closure














"I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast"


-Faux leather with metal accents

-Features Bratz Bouz heads and arms

-Buckle closure
















"Vivid Love"


-On elastic band, decorated with plastic beads and a Littlest pet shop hamster!






-On elastic band, decorated with multi-colour double sided animal beads & crayon-shaped buttons.




"Besties Fur-ever"


-On elastic band decorated with plastic beads and littlest pet shops














"Go Green!"


-On elastic band decorated with plastic beads and a littlest pet shop bird



















"Captain America"


-On elastic band decorated with plastic beads and a Captain America figure








              CLOTHING/BAGS                                                         CLAYFACE STUFFED ANIMALS & BAG PALS

Your stop-n-shop for unique clothing items and funky                                                                                                           Upcycled stuffed animals looking for their second chance at love! Each with

finds turned into stylish bags to complete your looks!                                                                                                       their own face and personality! Some even are bags you can bring with you!


      I'm still a beginner with clayface, which is why they are so cheap. Some loose fur got in the resin, so they have some hair on their face, I removed as much as I could but please be aware of this and examine each pic.  

Picsart 22-11-10 12-59-37-752 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-10 15-40-28-542 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-11 19-24-44-779 by ymza

"Clowning Around Shorts"


-Forever 21 shorts, size large. Fits like a medium.

-Elastic band waistband

-Features stuffed animal,patches & handdrawn detailing












"Tropical Vacay Shorts"


-Forever 21 shorts, size large. Fits like a medium.

-Elastic band waistband

-Features stuffed animals, bead chain, and small patches









"Sour Yet Sweet Bag"


-Originally a Sour Patch Kids container!

-Metal chain 

-Opens from the top

-Plenty of room, so items may move around



Picsart 22-11-10 15-46-50-648 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-10 18-03-07-669 by ymza


Picsart 22-11-10 18-10-58-852 by ymza


"You're Loved! Stuffed Bear"


-Removeable earring so you can wear too!

-Wool hear that you can write and decorate on

-Studs in paws

-Smaller bear is attached 

-Plush bow and clothing








"Pop-Tart the Back Pal"


-Originally one of those kid backpacks with leash, however fits adults! 

-Adjustable straps &buckles

-Removeable earrings so you can wear 'em too!

-Small velcro pocket on back





"Gena the Duckie Bag"


-Removeable jewelry so you can rock with her too! Jewelry on her, like belly button, are however glued on.

-Removeabe chain so she can be a bag

-Very small pocket on her back with crayon zipper

-She was lovingly thrifted, so her zipper is a bit fiesty










- Various fun items that just didn't fit the vibe I had in my mind but still looking for some lovin'


Picsart 22-11-09 18-55-26-338 by ymza


Pxl 20221106 224757236 2 by ymza


Pxl 20221106 222850901 2 by ymza





Pxl 20221106 222707127 2 by ymza


Picsart 22-12-05 12-28-57-835 by ymza





"Nostalgia of the Ages"


-Faux leather choker with metal letters and plastic beads

-Features My Little Ponies and Barbie












"Groovy Friends Chain"


-Lobster claw closure

-Plastic chain featuring flower charm and Littlest Pet Shop pets








"Dazzle Like a Star!"


-Faux leather with metal accents

-Lobster claw closure

-Features barbie, my little pony & little pet shop pet





"In the Safari"


-Faux leather with metal accents

-Buckle claw closure

-Features Littlest pet shop pets








"Little Whacky""


-Plastic chain with charms

-Features Lps toys & floral dinosaur toy

-Lobster claw closure





Title of Product(s):


Any info if any:



Thanks for stopping by! I sincerely appreciate it so so much!

Since this is my first time trying to sell, all feedback is really appreciated! I also love hearing ideas :3c

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Came across these awesome plushies today and just had to get them ... And just HAD to make them into bags !!


One thing about me is that I loveee Ugly Dolls! And the one in the apron is my fav. I wanted to buy some pocket zippers and put pouches in them so they can cary items so these cuties maybe up for sale soon!!


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  • food changed the title to retroGAG Shop - New items! 11/15/22
  • food changed the title to retroGAG Shop
  • food changed the title to retroGAG Shop NEW ITEMS 12/5/22

Got some new and fun things on the mail I can't wait to make!!!

So new fun and upcycled earrings coming soon and chokers !!


I also opened an Etsy under the same name (retroGAG) if you guys are kind enough to stalk me there hehe



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  • food changed the title to retroGAG Shop - New items! 1/31/23

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