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FREE Practice DPs! (2/2)


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Hi there!

I want to try to reopen a new custom shop where I'll be offering DP's. Though, it has been a good while since I last did any DP art and thus have no recent art of them. And so, before opening up a custom shop; I want to offer people some freebies!


I'll likely only be doing 2 or 3 free DP pieces to show in my upcoming custom shop, so! Also I might be picky about who's character I decide to draw since their design really gotta stand out to me.


But that's that! Post away! As stated in the title (and of course by seeing what thread this is posted in) the DP's will be free! But of course, tips are welcomed but absolutely not neccessary.


Here's some drawings (they're mainly sketches atm!) that I did, just to show off my art style a bit and whatnot.




Post away! <3



Name on the DP:

Character that you want drawn:


Expression: (Optional)

Pose ideas: (Optional)


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1 hour ago, Mimgu said:

@ elliee  omfg what theyre all cute jsdgjksgs, I'm having a hard time choosing who I'd like to draw for you LOL

who'd you like me to draw most? KINDA stuck between Fay and Miley even though theyre all super cute aaa

sghgdjht im glad you like them all and i honestly dunno cuz Fay and Miley are both great LOL

but ummmm maybe Miley since i dont have as much art of her? I'll come back for Fay once you open your shop:lazesupersxy:

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23 minutes ago, Mimgu said:

@ elliee  WIP for ya! whatcha think so far? need any changes? c:

just so you know ill be cropping it down! (will also provide a bigger piece like this!) but i find it easier to sketch smth out on a bigger canvas xD




shes looking so cute! :aww: only thing is to possibly add the bracelet on her other arm also? (i also imagine her arms are covered in tattoos but you dont gotta worry about it since i dont got a ref for that yet snuthtgr)

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